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1914 — 1922
Vol. 8, No. 1
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1921-09-01 140 p.; 24.1 x 18.4 cm
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Contents: 1-2
Brancusi (Pound, Ezra): 3-7
Ein Gesang (Goll, Iwan): 8-11
Fumigations (Picabia, Francis): 12-14
Psycho-Democracy: A Movement to Focus Human Reason on the Conscious Direction of Evolution (Loy, Mina): 14-19
Four Views of 'Mlle. Pogany' (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 1-Plate 4
Four Poems. Francisque Fait la Culbute (Morand, Paul): 20-21
Four Poems. Spectacle Effrayant (Morand, Paul): 21-21
Four Poems. Esprit D'Enterprise (Morand, Paul): 22-22
Four Poems. Carte Postale Express (Morand, Paul): 23-23
David Wassermann (Burke, Kenneth): 24-37
Fifth View of 'Mlle. Pogany' (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 5-Plate 5
Several Sculptures in Workshop (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 6-Plate 6
Various Sculptures Displayed Together (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 7-Plate 7
Side and Back Views of 'Mlle. Pogany' (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 8-Plate 8
Bruxelles-Berlin via Rotterdam (Pansaers, Clement): 38-38
Historical Survey (Pound, Ezra): 39-42
The Cape of Good Hope (Cocteau, Jean): 43-95
Two Versions of 'Mlle. Pogany' (Marble and Bronze) (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 9-Plate 9
Angled Front View of 'Mlle. Pogany' in Veined Marble (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate10-Plate 10
Side View of 'Mlle. Pogany' in Veined Marble (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 11-Plate 11
Chimera (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 12-Plate 12
Danaide (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 13-Plate 13
Leda (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 14-Plate 14
Penguins (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 15-Plate 15
The First Step (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 16-Plate 16
Golden Bird (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 17-Plate 17
Three-Part Pedestal (with Double Caryatid) for 'Maiastra' (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 18-Plate 18
The Kiss (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 19-Plate 19
The Prodigal Son (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 20-Plate 20
Ashe of Rings. Part I: Chapters IV-V (Butts, Mary): 97-106
The Child in the World (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 21-Plate 21
Scene from the Workshop (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 22-Plate 22
Plato (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 23-Plate 23
'Golden Bird' and 'Mlle. Pogany' Together (Brancusi, Constantin): Plate 24-Plate 24
Mr. Vorax: 106-106
Advertisement and Order Form for 'Ulysses' by James Joyce: 107-107
Thee I Call 'Hamlet of Wedding Ring': Criticism of William Carlos William's 'Kora in Hell' and Why.... Part II (von Freytag-Loringhoven, Else): 108-111
The Poems of Abel Sanders: 111-111
Hospital. Thomas Vaughn (Damon, F. Foster): 112-112
Hospital. Art Circus: 112-112
Hospital. 'Ulysses' (jh): 112-112
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