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1914 — 1922
Vol. 8, No. 2
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1922-03-01 114 p.; 24.1 x 18.4 cm
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Contents Front Advertisements: B-B
Contents: 1-1
The Little Review Calendar: 2-2
Orgue de Barbarie― (Picabia, Francis): 3-4
Vacation in Britany: King or Kangaroo King or Yellow- King or Marie Claire Suggests a Meadow. And the Use of Thought (Stein, Gertrude): 5-6
Three Paintings ('Christian'): C-C
Aesthetic Meditations on Painting: The Cubist Painters. First Series: I-VII: 7-19
Les Yeux chauds (The Hot Eyes) (Picabia, Francis): E-E
Petite Solitude au milieu des soleils (A Little Solitude in the Midst of Suns) (Picabia, Francis): G-G
L' Enfant carburateur (The Carburetor Child) (Picabia, Francis): I-I
Prenez garde à la peinture (Wet Paint) (Picabia, Francis): K-K
Fantasie (Picabia, Francis): M-M
Le Saint des saints. Canter (Picabia, Francis): O-O
Extrait de cinéma calendrier du coeur abstrait (Tzara, Tristan): 20-20
Cocteau saluant Picabia (Cocteau, Jean): 20-20
Cocteau saluant Tzara (Cocteau, Jean): 21-21
Southern Syncopated Singers (Rodker, John): 22-22
Karen: A Novel (Os-Anders): 23-28
Photographs of Igor Stravinsky, Brancusi, Ben Hecht, and Jean Cocteau: Q-Q
Nocturne (Gilmore, Louis): 29-29
The Work of Gertrude Stein (Anderson, Sherwood): 29-32
A la notiniere de―: à Pierre de Massot (Mistinguett): 32-32
Reverence (Picabia, Francis): S-S
Cette Chose est faite pour perpétuer mon souvenir (This Thing Is Made to Perpetuate My Memory) (Picabia, Francis): U-U
Reverences (Picabia, Francis): W-W
Force Comique (Picabia, Francis): Y-Y
Chose admirable à voir (Wonderful to Behold) (Picabia, Francis): AA-AA
New York (Picabia, Francis): CC-CC
Comments and Responses (jh): 33-35
Loose Leaf Products (Draper, Muriel): 36-36
America (Draper, Muriel): 37-37
Equilibrium (Richardson, Dorothy M.): 37-37
Discoveries of Great Minds (Anderson, Margaret): 38-40
Note to Calendar: 40-40
L' Oeil Cacodylate (The Cacodylic Eye) (Picabia, Francis): EE-EE
Confiteor (Dessaignes, G. Ribemont): 41-42
Anticoq (Picabia, Francis): 42-44
Photograph of Francis Picabia: GG-GG
Tabu (Crotti, Jean): 44-45
'The News from Russia' or 'We Wonder What' Messrs. Kreymborg and Santayana 'Think about It': II-II
Notes. Dada― (jh): 46-46
Notes. Exposé (jh): 46-47
Notes. Shuffle Along (Apropos the Ballet Intime at the Town Hall) (Tanner, Allan): 47-48
Abstraction (Picabia, Francis): KK-KK
The Madman (Picabia, Francis): MM-MM
Portrait of Camille Pissarro (Picabia, Francis): OO-OO
Portrait of a Woman (Picabia, Francis): QQ-QQ
Portrait of a Torero (Picabia, Francis): SS-SS
Nude Torso (Picabia, Francis): UU-UU
The Ressurrection and the Life (Jitro, William): 49-57
The 'Art Season' (jh): 58-60
Errata List for Cocteau's 'Cape of Good Hope': 60-60
Back Advertisements: 61-WW
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