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1914 — 1922
Vol. 9, No. 1
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1922-09-01 112 p.; 24.1 x 18.4 cm
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Contents Front Advertisements: B-B
Contents: 1-1
Next Number, Stella Exhibition: 2-2
Voici La Fin (De Bosschère, Jean): 3-6
'C'est le maitre- - -' (De Bosschère, Jean): C-C
'Il demeure a mettre le cirage- - -' (De Bosschère, Jean): E-E
Dipyque (De Bosschère, Jean): 6-8
'L'innocente qui rit aux lapins- - -' (De Bosschère, Jean): G-G
The Death of Tragedy (Burke, Kenneth): 9-17
Photograph of Joseph Stella and Marcel Duchamp (Man Ray): I-I
New York (Stella, Joseph): K-K
Brooklyn Bridge (Stella, Joseph): M-M
Mardi Gras (Stella, Joseph): O-O
Garden (Dawson, Mitchell): 18-18
B. B. or The Birthplace of Bonnes (Stein, Gertrude): 19-23
Conte pour La Comtesse De Noallies (Massot, Pierre de): 24-24
The Swans (Stella, Joseph): Q-Q
Serenade (Stella, Joseph): S-S
La Priere d'un enfant (Stella, Joseph): U-U
The Song of the Nightingale (Stella, Joseph): W-W
Fern (Toomer, Jean): 25-29
Funeral (Schneider, Isidor): 30-31
Ocean Aquarium: 31-31
Landscape: 32-32
Eva Gautier (Stella, Joseph): Y-Y
Marcel Duchamp (Stella, Joseph): AA-AA
The Bookman (Stella, Joseph): CC-CC
Study for Skyscraper (Stella, Joseph): EE-EE
'Gardening With Brains' (jh): 33-33
Ulysses (jh): 34-35
Having a Gland Time (Narcisse): 35-35
Notes (jh): 36-37
Words (jh): 37-38
Secession (Crane, Hart): 39-39
Ma Main tremble (Picabia, Francis): 40-40
Moonrise (Stella, Joseph): GG-GG
Chinatown (Stella, Joseph): II-II
L'Arbe de ma vie (Stella, Joseph): KK-KK
Tropical Sonata (Stella, Joseph): MM-MM
Aesthetic Meditations on Painting: The Cubist Painters. Second Series (Apollinaire, Guillaume): 41-59
Reproductions of Paintings by Laurencin, Gleizes, Picasso, Braque, and Metzinger: II-KK
The Reader Critic (Williams, William Carlos): 59-60
Rose Sel à Vie (Rose the Salt of Life): Rayograph (Man Ray): SS-SS
Good Painting (Picabia, Francis): 61-62
Back Advertisements: 63-66
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