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1911 — 1912
Vol. 1, No. 4
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1911-12-14 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 61-61
The New Morality: 61-62
Notes of the Week: 63-64
Speculations on Sex War (Vir): 65-66
Spinsters in the Making. Types I—The College Woman (Hamilton, Helen): 66-68
Women's Municipal Lodging-Houses. II (Higgs, Mary): 68-69
The Failures (Visiak, E. H.): 69-69
Correspondence (Boord, Coralie M.): 70-72
Correspondence. The Public Criticism of the W.S.P.U. (Billington Greig, Teresa): 70-70
Correspondence. Marriage and Motherhood (D'Auvergne, Edmund B.): 71-71
The Editors' Reply (Gawthorpe, Mary): 72-73
The Sanctions of Modern Monogamy (E. S. P. H.): 74-74
Nelly (Mallon, J. J.): 75-75
Feminism and the Propagandist Drama (Harding, G. L.): 76-78
Notes on Art (B. A. S.): 78-78
International Notes (Drysdale, B.): 79-79
Advertisements: 68-68
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