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1911 — 1912
Vol. 1, No. 16
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1912-03-07 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 301-301
Mr. Wells to the Attack: Freewomen and Endowment (Wells, H. G.): 301-302
Topics of the Week: 303-304
Sex and the State (Donisthorpe, Wordsworth): 305-306
Soldiers, Shepherds, and the Woman Question. I (Baker, Josephine): 306-307
The Gospel according to Granville Barker (West, Rebecca): 307-309
The Dangerous Age: A Tract for the Times (Hartley, C. Gasquoine): 309-310
Correspondence. The 'I Am' and the 'I Do' (Wales, Hubert): 310-310
Correspondence. Development of Food Resources (Collins, Fred): 310-311
Correspondence. A Coming Famine? (Martyn, G. H.): 311-311
Correspondence. State Endowment of Motherhood (A Socialist): 311-311
Correspondence. The Feeding of Infants (Home Worker): 312-312
Correspondence. The Individualism of Motherhood (Winter, Helen): 312-312
Correspondence. In the Name of the Nation (Watters, A.): 312-312
Correspondence. Group Houses (Edwards, A. Herbage): 312-312
Correspondence. Who Are the 'Normal'? (A New Subscriber): 312-313
Correspondence. The 'Normal' Again (F. M. P.): 313-313
Correspondence. The Transmutations of Sex (Hibernian): 313-313
Correspondence. Mind and Body (Bull, Mary): 313-313
Correspondence. The Aesthetic Status of Sex (C. H.): 313-314
Correspondence. Individualism in Morals (Avis, Tallis): 314-314
Correspondence. 'Freewoman' Clubs (Bradshaw, Ethel): 314-314
Correspondence. Australian and New Zealand Women Voters' Committee (London) (Newcomb, Harriet C.): 314-314
Where Women Work. Clerical Work. III (Various Hands): 315-316
Luang Sawat, B.A.. III (B. A. S.): 317-318
Foreign Affairs (Harding, G. L.): 318-319
Advertisements: 313-314
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