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1911 — 1912
Vol. 1, No. 18
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1912-03-21 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 341-341
Woman Endowed (Wells, H. G.): 341-342
Topics of the Week: 343-344
Sex and the State. II (Donisthorpe, Wordsworth): 345-347
Soldiers, Shepherds, and the Woman Question. II (Baker, Josephine): 347-347
The Wife (Heilgers, Louise): 347-348
Views and Vagabonds: Book Review of 'Views and Vagabonds' by Rose Macaulay (West, Rebecca): 348-349
Man the Sentimentalist (Foss, William): 349-350
Education from the Universal Standpoint. Simple Rules of Health for Adults. IV (Oyler, Philip): 350-351
Correspondence. The Devastating Freewoman (Hamilton, Helen): 352-352
Correspondence. Motives (Haynes, E. S. P.): 352-352
Correspondence. 'To What End in Life?' (Michell, A. P.): 352-352
Correspondence. The Individualism of Motherhood and the 'Normal' Woman (A Would-Be Freewoman): 353-353
Correspondence. A W.S.P.U. Defence (Haughton, Amy): 353-353
Correspondence. Experience and Understanding (A New Subscriber): 354-354
Correspondence. Feminism and Socialism (Leatham, Isabel): 354-354
Correspondence. 'The Freewoman' (Browne, Edith A.): 354-354
Correspondence. Liberty for the Asking (Burleigh, Florence S. Howard): 354-354
Correspondence. The Prostituted and the Vote (Bloomsbury): 354-355
Correspondence. Food and Population (Drysdale, C. V.): 355-356
Correspondence. Food and Population—A Reply to C.V. Drysdale (Lewis, Arthur D.): 356-357
Correspondence. A Reply to Mr. Lewis (Hunt, C. F.): 357-357
Correspondence. Food and Population (Macdonald, W. A.): 357-358
Correspondence. An American Critic of Malthus (Wangemann, A.): 358-358
Correspondence. Association of Women Clerks and Secretaries (Collum, Vera): 358-359
Correspondence. National Union of Clerks (Elvin, Herbert H.): 359-359
Of Suffragettes and Others (Binns, Henry Bryan): 359-359
Advertisements: 345-345
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