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1911 — 1912
Vol. 1, No. 19
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1912-03-28 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 361-361
Creation and Immortality: 361-362
Home (Visiak, E. H.): 362-362
Topics of the Week: 363-364
Syndicalism (Aldred, Guy A.): 365-367
On the Importance of Being Human (Foss, William): 367-368
'Woman Adrift'. Book Review of 'Woman Adrift' by Harold Owen (West, Rebecca): 368-369
The English Criminal (Campbell, Donald): 369-372
An Interpretation of 'The Miracle' (Whitby, Charles J.): 372-373
A Discussion Circle: 373-373
Correspondence. The 'Don't Shoot' Prosecutions (Lansbury, George): 373-373
Correspondence. Motherhood and Child-Rearing (P. W.): 373-373
Correspondence. Endowment of Motherhood (Mortished, R. J. P.): 374-374
Correspondence. A Socialised Feminism (Murby, Millicent): 374-375
Correspondence. 'The Freewoman' and Social Movements (Pearce, I. D.): 375-375
Correspondence. Why Do We Discuss Sex? (Skelhorn, S.): 376-376
Correspondence. Facilities for Scientific Studies in Sex (Boord, Coralie M.): 376-376
Correspondence. Response to Coralie M. Boord's Letter in 'Facilities for Scientific Studies in Sex' (Ed. of "The Freewoman"): 376-376
Correspondence. The Traps of Ignorance ("A Mother of Sons"): 376-376
Correspondence. 'Normal and Abnormal' ("Tout Pouvoir"): 376-376
Correspondence. The Love-Child (Gideon): 376-376
Correspondence. Mediocrity and Mr. Chesterton (Randall, E. A.): 376-376
Correspondence. A Criticism (Attwood, Emma): 376-377
Correspondence. Superficial Unity and the W.S.P.U. (Ball, Annie): 377-377
Correspondence. Population and Food (Collins, Fred): 377-377
Correspondence. The Inculcation of Vegetarianism (Tull, Wm. J.): 378-378
Correspondence. Collapse of Malthus (Hunt, C. F.): 378-378
Correspondence. The Adequacy of the Earth (Hunt, C. F.): 378-378
Correspondence. Food and Population (Lewis, Arthur D.): 378-378
Correspondence. A Reply to Dr. Drysdale (Horwitz, Israel): 378-379
Advertisements: 365-365
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