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1911 — 1912
Vol. 2, No. 34
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1912-07-11 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 141-141
Ideas, or No Ideas?: 141-143
Topics of the Week. The Beginning: 144-144
Robert and Clara Schumann: Collaboration betweeen a Great Composer and His Wife (Harris, Clement Antrobus): 145-147
Spinsters and Art: Book Review of 'The Considine Luck' by H.A. Hinkson, 'The Spinster' by Hubert Wales, and 'The Trespasser' by D.H. Lawrence (West, Rebecca): 147-149
History of Divorce: Book Review of 'History of Divorce' by S.B. Kitchin (E. S. P. H.): 149-149
The Economic Freedom of Women (Chew, Ada Nield): 149-152
To Auguste Strindberg (Skovgaard-Pedersen, Amy): 152-152
'The Freewoman' Discussion Circle (Low, B.): 153-153
Maid's Murder (Parker, O. S.): 153-153
Correspondence. Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding—Letter I (The Editor of the "Christian Commonwealth"): 154-154
Correspondence. Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding—Letter II (Slater, Maud): 154-155
Correspondence. Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding—Letter III (Bain, A. M.): 155-155
Correspondence. 'The Idea of God' (Small, M.): 155-155
Correspondence. The Yoshiwara Controversy (Wrench, G. T.): 155-156
Correspondence. Self-Abuse and Insanity (P. T. T.): 156-156
Correspondence. Questions on Sex Oppression (Heyes, Bessie): 156-156
Correspondence. A Women's Point of View (Oliver, Kathlyn): 156-156
Correspondence. Marriage Reform (A Protestant): 156-157
Correspondence. The Children of the State (Tayleur, Richard): 157-157
Correspondence. Champions of Morality (Elmore, Gladys): 157-158
Correspondence. The Strand Statues (Blackmore, Millicent): 158-158
Correspondence. Foods, Indigestion, and Philosophy (Dick, Hugo): 158-158
Correspondence. A Nom de Plume (Browne, F. W. Stella): 158-158
Correspondence. The Penal Reform League (Cobb, W. F.): 158-159
Correspondence. International Suffrage Congress (Schwimmer, Rosika): 159-159
Advertisements: 145-145
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