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1911 — 1912
Vol. 2, No. 37
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: Stephen Swift and Co. Ltd., 1912-08-01 20 p.; 33 x 22.5 cm
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Contents Contents: 201-201
A New Aristocracy (Grierson, Francis): 201-202
Topics of the Week. Interest (Kitson, Arthur): 202-204
Topics of the Week. The Immorality of the 'Morning Post' Correspondence (Granville, Charles): 204-204
The New Saviours of Society (B. L.): 204-206
On the Utility of Art. II (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 206-208
Repertory and a New Morality (Rodker, J.): 208-208
The New Sense of Sin (Swan, F. R.): 209-210
Women as Sexualists (Smith, Grace Carter): 210-211
The Life History of Mary Smith, M.A.. I-III (Hamilton, Helen): 211-212
Correspondence. Note to Correspondents (Ed. of "The Freewoman"): 213-213
Correspondence. Spinsters and Art (West, Rebecca): 213-213
Correspondence. Ideas or No Ideas and Cheap Women (Willcocks, M. P.): 213-214
Correspondence. Mr. C. H. Norman and Mr. McKenna (Gawthorpe, Mary): 214-215
Correspondence. Mr. Norman's Reply (Norman, C. H.): 215-215
Correspondence. The New Working Women's College (Adams, Bridges): 215-215
Correspondence. A Reply to Mr. Price (Rosmer, John): 215-216
Correspondence. Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding (Norman, C. H.): 216-216
Correspondence. Virility in Women (Herrin, Edwin): 216-216
Correspondence. The Editor of Interest (Fysher, Greevz): 216-217
Correspondence. A Few Straight Questions to the Eugenics Society (Browne, F. W. Stella): 217-218
Correspondence. The Seats of Authority (Gallichan, C. G.): 218-218
Correspondence. Contracts (Hadley, Helena): 218-218
Correspondence. Child Marriages (Oliver, Kathlyn): 219-219
Correspondence. English Prudery (P. T. T.): 219-219
Correspondence. In Response to Inquiries (Ed. of "The Freewoman"): 219-219
Advertisements: 214-214
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