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Vol. 1, No. 4
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: The New Freewoman, Ltd., 1913-08-01 20 p.; 31.5 x 21 cm
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Contents Contents: 61-61
The Heart of the Question: 61-64
Views and Comments: 65-65
At Valladolid (West, Rebecca): 66-67
The Status of Women in Early Greek Times (Carpenter, Edward): 68-69
The Eclipse of Woman. The Earth Goddess. IV (F. R. A. I.): 69-70
The Etiquette of Dying (Kauffman, Reginald Wright): 70-72
Paris Notes (Tucker, Benj. R.): 72-74
Paris Notes. School Prizes and Problems (Brousson, Jean Jacques): 72-73
Paris Notes. History in Anticipation (Vautil, Clément): 73-74
Paris Notes. Anarchy's New Allies (Tucker, Benj. R.): 74-74
Metaphysicing the Drama (Carter, Huntly): 74-76
Reviews. Book Review of 'Sati: A Vindication of the Hindu Woman' by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy (H. C.): 76-76
Reviews. Book Review of 'Goslings' by J. D. Beresford (B. L.): 76-77
Correspondence. Note to Correspondents (Ed. of "The New Freewoman"): 78-78
Correspondence. Not Even Will o' the Wisps, Not Even Mirrors to Catch Larks ("Tiens Ferme"): 78-78
Correspondence. Private Morality and Public Life (The Husband of One Wife and Father of Three Daughters): 78-78
Magazine Notes (Ed. of "The New Freewoman"): 78-78
Advertisements: 72-72
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