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Vol. 1, No. 11
Marsden, Dora (editor)
London: The New Freewoman, Ltd., 1913-11-15 20 p.; 31.5 x 21 cm
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Contents Contents: 201-201
Beauty and the Senses: 201-203
Views and Comments: 203-205
Sayings of K'ung the Master. II-V (K'ung the Master): 205-206
On Interference with the Environment. Mainly on Offenses to the Eye. V (Byington, Steven T.): 206-207
The Divine Mystery. Book Review of 'The Divine Mystery' by Allen Upward (Pound, Ezra): 207-208
Otakar Brezina (Selver, P.): 208-208
Places of Harmony and Solace (Brezina, Otakar): 208-209
Art (Brezina, Otakar): 209-209
The Silent Ocean (Brezina, Otakar): 209-209
'The Horses of Diomedes'. The Lamb. XIII (De Gourmont, Remy): 210-211
'The Horses of Diomedes'. The Chestnut Trees. XIV (De Gourmont, Remy): 211-213
The Serious Artist. IV (Pound, Ezra): 213-214
The Battle of the Cubes (Cournos, John): 214-215
August Strindberg. Book Review of 'Confessions of a Fool,' 'Marriage,' 'Legends,' 'The Inferno,' 'In Midsummer Days,' 'The Red Room,' and 'The Son of a Servant' by August Strindberg (C. H.): 216-217
Lego et Penso (Tucker, Benjamin R.): 217-218
A Fabian on Banking Reform (Meulen, Henry): 218-219
Correspondence. Note to Correspondents (Ed. of "The New Freewoman"): 219-219
Correspondence. The Individualist (Groff, Alice): 219-219
Correspondence. Sanctity and Slumdom (M'Cannell, Otway): 219-219
Note (Ed. of "The New Freewoman"): 219-219
Advertisements: 215-215
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