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1914 — 1919
Vol. 2, No. 4
Weaver, Harriet Shaw (editor)
London: The New Freewoman, Ltd., 1915-04-01 16 p.; 31.5 x 21 cm
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Contents Contents: 49-49
'Truth and Reality'. II (Marsden, Dora): 49-53
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Chapter V (cont.) (Joyce, James): 54-56
Decadence and Dynamism (Aldington, Richard): 56-57
Joseph Joachim: Artist (Montagu-Nathan, M.): 58-59
The Curve of Individualism (Carter, Huntly): 59-60
The London Group (Denver, Frank): 60-61
Evocations (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 61-61
Misopolite (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 61-61
Phaethons. I-II (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 61-62
To a Man Working His Way through the Crowd (Moore, Marianne): 62-62
To the Soul of 'Progress' (Moore, Marianne): 62-62
Fighting Paris (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 62-63
Advertisements: 53-53
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