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1914 — 1919
Vol. 2, No. 12
Weaver, Harriet Shaw (editor)
London: The New Freewoman, Ltd., 1915-12-01 16 p.; 31.5 x 21 cm
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Contents Contents: 181-181
Views and Comments (D. M.): 181-184
Extracts from the Letters of a Prisoner of War: 185-186
Latin Poems of the Renaissance (Calcagnini, Celio): 186-187
Notes on Modern German Poetry. Walt Whitman in Germany: (b) Johannes Schlaf. V (Randall, Alec W. G.): 187-187
Interlude (Aldington, Richard): 188-188
After Two Years (Aldington, Richard): 188-188
Fragment (Flint, F. S.): 188-188
Beggar (Flint, F. S.): 188-188
Woodcut of F. S. Flint (Kristian, Roald): 188-188
La Lettre (Lafon, André): 188-188
Passing Paris (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 189-190
Et J'ai voulu la paix (Spire, André): 190-191
The Verses of Visiak (Marriott, Ernest): 191-191
Albert Aurier (Kristian, Roald): 192-192
Woodcut of Albert Aurier (Kristian, Roald): 191-192
Dramocracy (Carter, Huntly): 192-193
'My Dear Richard Aldington' (Monro, Harold): 193-194
Correspondence. England's Nest of Singing Birds (Pulley, Honor M.): 194-194
Correspondence. England's Nest of Singing Birds (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 194-195
Correspondence. Nijinski (C. M.): 195-195
Advertisements: 195-196
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