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1914 — 1919
Vol. 3, No. 12
Weaver, Harriet Shaw (editor)
London: The New Freewoman, Ltd., 1916-12-01 16 p.; 31.5 x 21 cm
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Contents Contents: 177-177
Lingual Psychology. Seven Related Definitions. V (Marsden, D.): 177-179
Circe (H. D.): 179-179
Pastoral Epigrams by Marco-Antonio Faminio (1498-1550). I-VIII (Flaminio, Marco Antonio): 180-180
The French Word in Modern Prose. M. Josephin Péladan. VI (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 180-182
'Amores' by D. H. Lawrence: Book Review (Fletcher, John Gould): 182-182
Dialogues of Fontenelle. Brutus and Faustina. VIII (Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de): 183-183
'Goblins and Pagodas': Book Review of 'Goblins and Pagodas' by John Gould Fletcher (H. D.): 183-184
Tarr. Part IV (A Jest Too Deep for Laughter), Chapters X-XI (Lewis, Wyndham): 184-186
Passing Paris (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 187-188
War. Waiting (Pennington, A. H.): 188-188
War. Fear (Pennington, A. H.): 188-188
War. Rest (Pennington, A. H.): 188-188
War. In Reserve (Pennington, A. H.): 188-188
War. The Attack (Pennington, A. H.): 188-188
On Subject-Matter and War Poetry (Fletcher, John Gould): 188-189
Little Tales. The Man Who Became Smaller (Sologub, Feodor): 189-189
Little Tales. Dotard and Dotardess (Sologub, Feodor): 189-190
Little Tales. Little Songs (Sologub, Feodor): 190-190
Testing (Kapp, N. G.): 190-190
Existence (Kapp, N. G.): 190-190
American Poems. The Nymph (Michelson, Max): 190-190
American Poems. A Young Girl (Michelson, Max): 190-190
American Poems. The Riders―I-III (Michelson, Max): 190-190
American Poems. The Riddle (Michelson, Max): 190-190
American Poems. Summer (Michelson, Max): 190-190
American Poems. Two (Michelson, Max): 191-191
American Poems. Footstep (Michelson, Max): 191-191
American Poems. The Coming (Michelson, Max): 191-191
Correspondence. Dreiser Protest (A Member of the Authors' League of America): 191-191
Advertisements: 186-186
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