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1915 — 1919
Vol. 1, No. 5
Kreymborg, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Kreymborg, 1915-11-01 32 p.; 21.3 x 13.8 cm
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Contents Contributors: A-A
Review of 'Others' (Kerfoot, J. B.): C-C
Quest (Gregg, Frances): 75-75
Perché (Gregg, Frances): 76-76
Les Ombres del la Mer (Gregg, Frances): 76-77
Hermaphroditus (Gregg, Frances): 77-77
Iris (Gregg, Frances): 77-77
Homage (Hoyt, Helen): 78-78
Wood Fear (Hoyt, Helen): 79-79
Park Going to Sleep (Hoyt, Helen): 80-80
Coignes (Hoyt, Helen): 80-80
Rays (Hoyt, Helen): 81-81
In the Tube (Aldington, Richard): 82-83
Cinema Exit (Aldington, Richard): 83-83
The Tea Shop (Pound, Ezra): 84-84
Phylidula (Pound, Ezra): 84-84
The Patterns (Pound, Ezra): 84-84
Shop Girl (Pound, Ezra): 85-85
Another Man's Wife (Pound, Ezra): 85-85
Coda (Pound, Ezra): 85-85
Prison Weeds (Wolff, Adolf): 86-92
Soul of the Lotus (To Hasegawa). I-II (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 93-94
Lento (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 94-95
The Water-Front (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 95-96
The Snake Passes (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 96-97
Tidal Gossip (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 97-98
Mauve (Sanborn, Robert Alden): 98-98
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