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1915 — 1919
Vol. 2, No. 4
Kreymborg, Alfred (editor)
New York: John Marshall, 1916-04-01 28 p.; 21.3 x 13.8 cm
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Desire (Hoyt, Helen): 191-191
Escape (Hoyt, Helen): 192-193
Riddle (Hoyt, Helen): 193-194
Vita Nuova (Hoyt, Helen): 194-194
November Afternoon (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 195-196
The Last Illusion (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 196-196
Disillusion (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 197-197
Later Songs. I-X (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 198-200
Vie de Bordeaux, Sauce Supreme: (to E. L.) (Sanborn, Pitts): 201-203
Vie de Bordeaux: Grandee of Spain, Rue de Trois Conils (To E. L.) (Sanborn, Pitts): 204-204
The Cafeteria (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 205-205
To a Man (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 205-205
Impressions of a Woman (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 206-206
A Day (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 206-206
To A. K. (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 207-207
An Old Negro Asleep (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 207-207
In the Park (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 207-207
Death (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 208-208
Just after Middle Age (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 208-208
First Meeting (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 209-209
Images of Emotions. I-III (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 209-209
'Others' Inaugurates a Review Department (A. K.): 210-210
Review of 'The Catholic Anthology: 1914-1915' (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 210-212
Review of 'Poems' by John Rodker (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 212-213
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