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1915 — 1919
Vol. 2, No. 2
Kreymborg, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Kreymborg, 1916-02-01 32 p.; 21.3 x 13.8 cm
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Contents Contributors: A-A
Metric Figure (Williams, William Carlos): 139-139
Tract (Williams, William Carlos): 139-144
Touche (Williams, William Carlos): 144-145
To a Solitary Disciple (Williams, William Carlos): 145-147
Epigramme (Williams, William Carlos): 147-147
Convention (Kreymborg, Alfred): 148-148
Man Tells (Kreymborg, Alfred): 149-149
Woman Tells (Kreymborg, Alfred): 149-149
Vista (Kreymborg, Alfred): 149-150
The Whip of the Unborn (Kreymborg, Alfred): 150-150
Little Folk (Kreymborg, Alfred): 151-151
In the Next Room (Kreymborg, Alfred): 151-152
To H. S. (Kreymborg, Alfred): 152-152
Earth Wisdom (Kreymborg, Alfred): 153-153
Improvisation (Kreymborg, Alfred): 154-154
A Sword (Kreymborg, Alfred): 154-154
Toward Love (Kreymborg, Alfred): 155-155
To W. C. W. M. D. (Kreymborg, Alfred): 155-155
Ikons (Cannell, Skipwith): 156-166
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