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1915 — 1919
Vol. 5, No. 3
Kreymborg, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Kreymborg, 1919-02-01 32 p.; 19.7 x 15 cm
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Contents Cover Image (Zorach, Marguerite): A-A
Contributors: B-B
Shadow: A Play in One Act (Johns, Orrick): 1-13
Women (Scott, Evelyn): 14-15
Young Girls (Scott, Evelyn): 15-15
Scaramouche (Hartley, Marsden): 16-16
Aunt Hannah Jackson (Johnson, Fenton): 17-17
Aunt Jane Allen (Johnson, Fenton): 17-17
The Gambler (Johnson, Fenton): 18-18
The Barber (Johnson, Fenton): 18-18
The Drunkard (Johnson, Fenton): 18-18
Portrait of One Dead (Aiken, Conrad): 19-21
Romance Moderne (Williams, William Carlos): 22-25
Professional Iconoclasts (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 26-28
Announcement: C-C
Back Cover Image (Zorach, William): D-D
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