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1915 — 1919
Vol. 5, No. 5
Kreymborg, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Kreymborg, 1919-04-01 36 p.; 19.9 x 13.5 cm
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Contents Contributors: B-B
The Comic Life of Elia Brobitza (Williams, William Carlos): 1-16
Long Guns (Sandburg, Carl): 17-17
Beat Against Me No Longer: A Chippewa Love Song (Sarett, Lew R.): 18-19
The Artist (Johnson, Fenton): 20-20
Dreams (Johnson, Fenton): 20-20
Round Eyes (Winter, A. Y.): 21-21
Penelope (Scott, Evelyn): 22-22
Young Men (Scott, Evelyn): 23-23
The Prayer Rug (D'Orge, Jeanne): 24-24
Defeat (D'Orge, Jeanne): 24-24
For You a Transient Joy (Hoyt, Helen): 25-25
Steel Town (Carr, Daphne): 26-27
To an Old Korean Painting: Avalakitesvara, Goddess of Compassion (Alden, Baxter): 28-29
Snows (Gould, Wallace): 30-30
Sister (Fujita, Jun): 31-31
Vision (Kreymborg, Alfred): 32-32
Note (Saphier, William): C-C
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