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1915 — 1919
Vol. 4, No. 2
Saphier, William (editor)
Chicago: Others, 1917-12-01 32 p.; 21.5 x 14 cm
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Contents Contributors: 3-3
In Ink of India and Gold. I-V (Alden, Baxter): 5-6
Parade of Conscripted Soldiers (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 7-7
East-Side Children Playing (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 7-7
Meeting: (Fairy-Tale) (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 8-8
To Dorothy (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 8-8
Whimsy (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 9-9
Factory-Girl (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 9-9
Betrothed (Bogan, Louise): 10-10
The Young Wife. I-II (Bogan, Louise): 11-13
'The Moon Is a Girl'. I-IV (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 14-14
The Convent (D'Orge, Jeanne): 15-15
The Freshman (D'Orge, Jeanne): 15-15
Sea-Mood (D'Orge, Jeanne): 15-15
Stolen (D'Orge, Jeanne): 16-16
The Problem Is (D'Orge, Jeanne): 16-16
Regeneration (O'Neil, David): 17-17
A Navajo Poet (O'Neil, David): 17-17
Inheritance (O'Neil, David): 17-17
The Prodigal Son (O'Neil, David): 18-18
The Unquiet (O'Neil, David): 18-18
Lime Light (O'Neil, David): 18-18
The Paint Box (Rosenthal, David): 19-19
Sylvanettes. Rain on the Lake (Rosenthal, David): 19-19
Sylvanettes. Rain on the Lake (Rosenthal, David): 20-20
Sylvanettes. Over the Lake a Birch-Tree Bendin (Rosenthal, David): 20-20
Sylvanettes. In the Birch-Trees the Swallows Playing (Rosenthal, David): 20-20
Sylvanettes. Across the Moon a Thin Veil (Rosenthal, David): 20-20
Print by Kiyonaga: (Design of Spring Greenery) (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 21-21
A Print by Hiroshige: (The Bow-Moon) (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 22-22
Kiss (Sloan, J. Blanding): 23-23
Pam (Sloan, J. Blanding): 23-24
Valley Candle (Stevens, Wallace): 25-25
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. I-XIII (Stevens, Wallace): 25-27
The Wind Shifts (Stevens, Wallace): 27-27
Meditation (Stevens, Wallace): 27-27
Gray Room (Stevens, Wallace): 28-28
Announcements: 32-32
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