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1897 — 1898
No. 1
Oldmeadow, Ernest J. (editor)
London: The Unicorn Press, 1897-03-25 128 p.; 20.3 x 14.9 cm.
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Contents Inventory of Works: 3-4
The City Gate (Brewer, H. W.): 7-7
Water-Gate, Hoorn (van Anrooy, A.): 9-9
The Concord of Clofield (Dougall, L.): 13-31
The Deserted Village (Barsac, Louis): 32-32
The River in Flood: A Leaf from a 'Liber Veritatis' (Dawson, Annie): 33-35
A Song of Brotherhood (Medborough, James): 36-36
Near Nature's Heart: A Pastoral Play (Woodmeald, J. E.): 37-60
Cattle Grazing (Mura, Frank): 63-63
Nude Figure (Bruckman, W. L.): 65-65
The Annunciation (Schongauer, Martin): 67-67
Christ Descending into Hell (Mantegna, Andrea): 69-69
Apollo and Diana (de' Barbari, Jacopo): 71-71
Three Engravings of the Early Renaissance (Binyon, Laurence): 73-76
Charity (Watts, G. F.): 77-77
Virgin and Child, with St. John the Baptist, St. Catherine, and Angels (Botticelli, Sandro): 79-79
Sandro Botticelli (Filipepi) (White, Gleeson): 81-87
A Memorandum for Collectors: 88-88
Impromptu Amoroso (Levi, Edgardo): 91-91
O Candido Cuor! (Levi, Edgardo): 92-93
'Nimmer glaub' ich, junge Schöne' (Heine, Henrich): 94-94
Frontispiece for 'J'ai Perdu ma Tourterelle' (Woodroffe, Paul): 95-95
La Tourterelle (Passerat, Jean): 96-99
Reviews and Notices. 'A Vision' by Lady Linsday and Edgardo Levi, 'The Return of Spring' by Percy Pinkerton and Edgardo Levi: 100-101
Reviews and Notices. 'The Dome': 101-103
Reviews and Notices. 'Jeanne D'Arc' by M. Boutet de Monvel: 103-103
Reviews and Notices. 'The Dürer Society': 104-104
Advertisements: 105-121
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