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1897 — 1898
No. 2
Oldmeadow, Ernest J. (editor)
London: The Unicorn Press, 1897-06-24 136 p.; 20.3 x 14.9 cm.
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Contents Inventory of Works: 7-8
Utrecht Cathedral (Prout, Samuel): 11-11
Utrecht Cathedral (Corbeille, L. A.): 13-19
Of Frozen Music (Enston, C. H.): 20-20
Monnow Bridge (Williams, R. James): 21-21
Chateau de Vitré (Wadham, Percy): 23-23
The Troubling of the Waters (Housman, Laurence): 27-47
The Desire of Man and of Woman (Yeats, W. B.): 48-49
Striding Edge (Barsac, Louis): 50-50
Cousin Frederick: A Conventional Comedy (Woodmeald, J. E.): 51-72
St. Hubert (Dürer, Albert): 75-75
The Annunciation (Cranach, Lucas): 77-77
A Saxon Prince on Horseback (Cranach, Lucas): 79-79
The Woodcuts of Lucas Cranach (Dodgson, Campbell): 81-86
A Fisher (Nicholson, W.): 87-87
The Sea-Spell (Rossetti, D. G.): 89-89
The Sea-Spell (White, Gleeson): 91-94
Vessels in a Breeze (Van de Velde, William): 95-95
Aus Mirza Schaffy (Lehmann, Liza): 99-101
Minuet (Elgar, Edward): 102-107
Tschaikowsky and His 'Pathetic' Symphony (Runciman, John F.): 108-118
Advertisements: 121-133
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