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1897 — 1898
No. 3
Oldmeadow, Ernest J. (editor)
London: The Unicorn Press, 1897-09-29 106 p.; 20.3 x 14.9 cm.
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Contents Inventory of Works: 7-8
The Well in the Wall (Houseman, Laurence): 11-11
Pallas (Dillens, Julien): 13-13
Medusa (Vinçotte, Thomas): 15-15
The Revival of Chryselephantine Sculpture in Belgium (Destrée, Olivier Georges): 17-22
Godmanchester Church (Pite, Beresford): 23-23
Novembre: La Mort Chasseresse (Vielé-Griffin, Francis): 27-28
A Blessed Damozel (Woodmeald, J. E.): 29-49
Night-piece (Freeman, Frank): 50-50
Vivien and Merlin (Burne-Jones, Edward): 53-53
Fortuna (Wright, Alan): 55-55
Solvitur Ambulando (Pears, Charles): 57-57
A View of Tokaido (Hiroshige, Utagawa): 59-59
A Landscape (Hiroshige, Utagawa): 61-61
Hiroshige (Holmes, Charles): 63-70
Emilie (Calthrop, Dion): 71-71
A Summer Night (Guthrie, J. J.): 73-73
Love's Mirror (Hart, Fritz): 77-79
La Simplicité (Hurlstone, William Y.): 80-81
Mozart at Munich (Blackburn, Vernon): 82-91
Four Notes (Editor of The Dome): 92-93
Announcements (Editor of The Dome): 94-94
Advertisements: 95-104
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