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1897 — 1898
No. 4
Oldmeadow, Ernest J. (editor)
London: The Unicorn Press, 1898-01-01 118 p.; 20.3 x 14.9 cm.
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Contents Inventory of Works: 5-6
A Staircase (Piranesi, G. B.): 9-9
The Appian Way (Piranesi, G. B.): 11-11
The Arch of Augustus at Rimini (Piranesi, G. B.): 13-13
An Altar (Piranesi, G. B.): 15-15
Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Corbeille, L. A.): 17-23
Note about Piranesi's "Carceri": 24-24
Little Saint Michael (Houseman, Laurence): 27-39
To Baby (Barsac, Louis): 40-41
A Snowless Christmas: 42-42
Epiphany: 42-42
The Lady Amaranth (Woodmeald, J. E.): 43-57
The Paralytic (Binyon, Laurence): 58-58
Vannes, Lower Brittany (Wadham, Percy): 61-61
Wotan's Abschied (Wright, Alan): 63-63
Facsimile of Part of a Brush Drawing (Hokusai): 65-65
The Wave (Hiroshige): 67-67
Fuji through Rain (Hokusai): 69-69
Hokusai (Holmes, Charles): 71-80
The Minuet (Patterson Malcolm): 81-81
Weisse Rosen (Grief, Martin): 85-87
Cradle Song (Meyness, Alice): 88-89
Love Alone Will Stay (Elgar, C. Alice): 90-91
Wanted: An English Bayreuth (Runciman, John F.): 92-101
Announcement (Editors of The Dome.): 102-102
Advertisements: 104-112
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