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1916 — 1917
Vol. 1, No. 3
Oppenheim, James (editor)
New York: The Seven Arts Publishing Co., 1917-01-01 116 p.; 24.5 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Design (Peters, Rollo): A-A
Notes on Names: B-B
Front Advertisements: C-D
Contents: E-E
David's Birthright (McCourt, Edna Wahlert): 199-214
The Untold Lie (Anderson, Sherwood): 215-221
The Scar (Taber, Elizabeth Stead): 222-235
The Astronomer (Gibran, Kahlil): 236-236
On Giving and Taking (Gibran, Kahlil): 237-237
Rain after a Vaudeville Show (Benet, Stephen Vincent): 238-239
Prelude: To 'Creation'-a Drama (Oppenheim, James): 240-259
The Music of New Russia (Ornstein, Leo): 260-264
Editorials (J. O.): 265-269
The Splinter of Ice. I-III (Brooks, Van Wyck): 270-280
Our Day. Aspects of Johannes V. Jensen (Rosenfeld, Paul): 281-286
The Twilight of the Acrobat (Hartley, Marsden): 287-291
The Wave (Murrell, William): 292-293
Vicarious Fiction (Frank, Waldo): 294-303
A Reply (Lippmann, Walter): 304-305
Back Advertisements: G-I
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