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1916 — 1917
Vol. 1, No. 6
Oppenheim, James (editor)
New York: The Seven Arts Publishing Co., 1917-04-01 140 p.; 24.5 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Design (Peters, Rollo): A-A
Notes on Names: B-B
Front Advertisements: C-D
Contents: E-E
The American: 555-557
A Devil of a Fellow (Steele, Wilbur Daniel): 558-575
The Cloud-Ring (Booth, Frederick): 576-583
A Modern Accident (Minuit, Peter): 584-589
Some Little-Known Poems. Prologue (Heine, Heinrich): 590-590
Some Little-Known Poems. From the Window (Heine, Heinrich): 590-591
Some Little-Known Poems. Doctrine (Heine, Heinrich): 591-591
Some Little-Known Poems. A Warning (Heine, Heinrich): 591-592
Some Little-Known Poems. Angelique (Heine, Heinrich): 592-592
Some Little-Known Poems. Losses (Heine, Heinrich): 592-593
Some Little-Known Poems. To George Herwegh (Heine, Heinrich): 593-593
From the Seas. I-II (Klitgaard, Kaj): 594-600
Orange of Midsummer (Lowell, Amy): 601-601
Fee Fo Fum (Mosher, John Chapin): 602-615
Young Japan (Naruse, Seichi): 616-626
Editorials (J. O.): 627-630
The Puritan's Will to Power (Bourne, Randolph S.): 631-637
A Prophet in France (Frank, Waldo): 638-648
Cross-Roads of Screen and Stage (Macgowan, Kenneth): 649-654
The Culture of Industrialism (Brooks, Van Wyck): 655-666
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Book Review of 'The Literary History of Spanish America' by Alfred Coester: 667-668
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Growth and Decay in Recent Verse (Untermeyer, Louis): 668-671
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Book Review of 'The Creative Will' by Willard Huntington Wright (J. O.): 671-673
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Mr. Griffes En Route—Review of 'The Kairn of Koridwen' scored by Charles T. Griffes (Rosenfeld, Paul): 673-675
The Seven Arts Chronicle. The German Theater in New York (W. F.): 676-677
The Seven Arts Chronicle. A Painter on Painting (Yeats, John Butler): 677-680
Back Advertisements: G-M
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