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1916 — 1917
Vol. 2, No. 4
Oppenheim, James (editor)
New York: The Seven Arts Publishing Co., 1917-08-01 148 p.; 24 x 16.5 cm.
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Contents Notes on Names: 395-395
Front Advertisements: i-iii
Contents: 396-396
This Unpopular War (Reed, John): 397-408
The Collapse of American Strategy (Bourne, Randolph): 409-424
Friday, June 22, 1917 (Van Loon, Hendrik Willem): 425-427
Guns as Keys: and the Great Gate Swings (Lowell, Amy): 428-451
Rudd (Frank, Waldo): 452-465
The Broncho That Would Not Be Broken of Dancing (Lindsay, Vachel): 466-467
A Group of Lyrics. Leave-Taking (Aldington, Richard): 468-469
A Group of Lyrics. An Old Conceit New-Dressed (Wattles, Willard): 469-470
A Group of Lyrics. Magic Screen (Deutsch, Babette): 470-470
A Group of Lyrics. In the Next Yard (Hoyt, Helen): 471-471
A Group of Lyrics. The Nobility (Kreymborg, Alfred): 471-471
A Group of Lyrics. The Old Courtesan (After the Bronze by Auguste Rodin) (Brody, Alter): 472-472
Young Spain (Dos Passos, John R.): 473-488
Editorial (J. O.): 489-492
Recollections of Samuel Butler (Yeats, John Butler): 493-501
A Painter's Faith (Hartley, Marsden): 502-506
The Dreiser Bugaboo (Mencken, H. L.): 507-517
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Book Review of 'Le Feu' by M. Henri Barbusse (P. R.): 518-520
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Portmanteau Plays: 520-521
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Literature in the Unmaking: Book Review of 'Literature in the Making' by Joyce Kilmer: 521-522
The Seven Arts Chronicle. The Provincetown Players (Z.): 522-524
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Photography (Strand, Paul): 524-526
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Music and Recruiting (Rosenfeld, Paul): 526-528
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Conspirators (R. B.): 528-530
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Communication (Kramer, A. Walter): 530-531
'The Masses' and American Rights: 532-532
Back Advertisements: iv-ix
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