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1916 — 1917
Vol. 2, No. 5
Oppenheim, James (editor)
New York: The Seven Arts Publishing Co., 1917-09-01 148 p.; 24 x 16.5 cm.
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Contents Notes on Names: 533-533
Front Advertisements: i-iii
Contents: 534-534
A War Diary (Bourne, Randolph): 535-547
Following Freedom (An American Immigrant): 548-551
The Song of the Uprising (Oppenheim, James): 552-563
Black Magic (Widdemer, Margaret): 564-577
Farmhands (Dodge, Mabel): 578-583
The Thinker (Anderson, Sherwood): 584-597
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. Uncle Jim (Corbin, Alice): 598-598
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. Delphy (Corbin, Alice): 598-599
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. Cross-Eyed Peter's Valentine (Corbin, Alice): 599-599
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. Mandy's Religion (Corbin, Alice): 599-600
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. Betsy's Boy (Corbin, Alice): 600-600
Echoes of Childhood—A Folk-Medley. The Old Negro Alone (Corbin, Alice): 601-601
Electrician (De Bosschère, Jean): 602-602
Chair-Maker (De Bosschère, Jean): 602-602
The Wanderer (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 603-607
Youngest Ireland (Colum, Padraic): 608-623
Editorial (J. O.): 624-626
With Walt Whitman in Camden (Traubel, Horace): 627-637
Scriàbine (Rosenfeld, Paul): 638-645
Hours with a Revivalist (Schroeder, Theodore): 646-658
The Seven Arts Chronicle. The Moscow Art Theater (Barker, H. Granville): 659-661
The Seven Arts Chronicle. New Books—Mystery and Magic: Book Review of 'Peacock Pie' by Walter de la Mare and 'Poems' by Ralph Hodgson (L. U.): 661-663
The Seven Arts Chronicle. New Books—The Marriage of True Minds: Book Review of 'Creative Criticism' by J. E. Spingarn (B. D.): 663-664
The Seven Arts Chronicle. New Books—Young Publishers: 664-665
The Seven Arts Chronicle. As the Movies Mend (Macgowan, Kenneth): 665-667
The Seven Arts Chronicle. One of the Little Foxes (Kirstein, Mina S.): 667-669
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Communication (Van Vechten, Carl): 669-670
Back Advertisements: iv-viii
Note to Advertisers: 671-671
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