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1916 — 1917
Vol. 2, No. 6
Oppenheim, James (editor)
New York: The Seven Arts Publishing Co., 1917-10-01 148 p.; 24 x 16.5 cm.
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Contents Notes on Names: 671-671
Front Advertisements: i-iii
Contents: 672-672
Is Nationalism Moribund? (Russell, Bertrand): 673-687
Twilight of Idols (Bourne, Randolph): 688-702
The Fires of Pittsburgh (Oppenheim, James): 703-709
The Sea-Turn (Jones, Clement): 710-729
Powers of the Air (Beresford, J. D.): 730-736
On the Beach (Untermeyer, Jean Starr): 737-738
Lacquer Prints. By Messenger (Lowell, Amy): 739-739
Lacquer Prints. Outside a Gate (Lowell, Amy): 739-739
Lacquer Prints. A Burnt Offering (Lowell, Amy): 739-739
Lacquer Prints. Peace (Lowell, Amy): 740-740
Lacquer Prints. Superstition (Lowell, Amy): 740-740
Two Sonnets. Invocation. I (Edwards, Eli): 741-741
Two Sonnets. The Harlem Dancer. II (Edwards, Eli): 742-742
Young India (Rai, Lajpat): 743-758
After a Stormy Twilight (J. O.): 759-761
New Tendencies in English Painting and Sculpture (Cournos, John): 762-778
Turgenev (Wright, Willard Huntington): 779-796
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Ravel and Debussy (Rosenfeld, Paul): 797-801
The Seven Arts Chronicle. 'By Henry Handel Richardson': Book Review of 'The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney' by Henry Handel Richardson (Kenton, Edna): 802-805
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Notes on Books—Prizes and Surprizes: Book Review of 'The Newark Anniversary Poems,' 'The Shadowed Hour' by John Erskine, 'Songs of Grief and Gladness' by Ezekail Leavitt, 'Present Day American Poetry' by H. Houston Peckham, and 'Songs for Courage' by Zoe Beckley and Joseph Gollomb (L. U.): 805-807
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Notes on Books—The Belgian Renascence: Book Review of 'Some Modern Belgian Writers' by G. Turquet-Milnes: 807-807
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Notes on Books—Tolstoy's Diary: Book Review of 'The Journal of Leo Tolstoy, 1895-1899': 807-808
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Notes on Books—A Theater for Poetry: 808-808
The Seven Arts Chronicle. Notes on Books—Interesting Publishers: 808-808
Back Advertisements: iv-vii
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