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No. 1: copy 1 (Metzdorf)
Marrion, James (editor)
San Francisco: James Marrion, 1896-07-01 16 p.; 22 x 17.7 cm.
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Contents Portraits de Nos Contemporains: 2-2
Editor's Note (Marrion, James): 3-3
Portrait du Rédacteur-en-Chef (Marrion, Jas): 4-4
The Ghost of a Flea: 5-5
The Naughty Archer (Rainbird, Alice): 7-7
Our Clubbing List (Bliss, Anne Southhampton): 8-11
Abstrosophy (Dow, Edythe): 12-12
What Smith Tried to Believe (Ford, Nellie Hetherington): 13-13
Any Old Thing (De Pel, Howardine): 14-14
Spring (Lamb, Lulu): 15-15
Back Advertisement. A Catchy 'Ad' Will Turn a Dollar Quickly: 16-16
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