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1911 — 1917
Vol. 1, No. 5
Winslow, Horatio (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1911-05-01 20 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. The Man with the Ax (Young, Art): 1-1
Contents: 2-2
Editorial Advertisements: 2-2
Editorials (Winslow, Horatio): 3-3
Belgian Miner Returning from Work (Von Biesbroeck, Jules): 4-4
A Store and a Red Wagon: Being Some Account of Things Doing in Hoboken (Winslow, Horatio): 5-7
Books for the Silent Hour (Ghent, W. J.): 7-7
Waking the Tiger. The Man of God. II (England, George Allan): 8-9
Letters Regarding the Boy Scout Movement. I (an open-minded business man): 10-10
Letters Regarding the Boy Scout Movement. Reply to Letter I. II (R. W. W.): 10-10
Cartoon. 'My men' (Becker, M.): 10-10
Revolutionary Mexico. American Intervention—What For?. III (De Fornaro, Carlo): 11-11
How to Arrange a Successful Mass Meeting: 11-11
The Dread (Teller, Charlotte): 12-12
Do You Like Your Work?: 12-12
Compensation or Insurance (Slobodin, Henry L.): 13-13
Cartoon. The Sphinx Silencer (Ker, Balfour): 13-13
The Superiority of Socialism (Cohen, Joseph N.): 14-14
Cartoon. The Double Burden of Labor—Which Socialism Will Abolish (O'Malley, Power): 14-14
Iolanthe's Wedding. IV (Sudermann, Hermann): 15-16
The Way You Look at It: 17-18
Jules von Biesbroeck's Masterpiece: 18-18
Back Advertisements: 19-20
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