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1911 — 1917
Vol. 3, No. 5
Vlag, Piet (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1912-05-01 20 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: 'Why Must I Work?' (Winter, Alice Beach): 1-1
Contents: 2-2
The Socialist Vote (Hoxie, Robert F.): 2-2
Co-operation (Sonnichsen, Albert): 2-2
Editorials: 3-3
The Happy Home (Popini, Alexander): 4-4
What Socialism Stands For (Irving, Dan): 5-5
What's Wrong with Co-operation? (Untermeyer, Louis): 6-6
Concerning Christian Charity (Irwin, Will): 7-7
The Day of a Man (Vorse, Mary Heaton): 8-9
The Temptation of Jesus: A Bible Lesson (Fagnani, Charles P.): 10-10
Old Pop Allen (Asquith, R. H.): 10-10
Child Labor and the Home (Lovejoy, Owen R.): 11-11
Germinal. The Awakening. III (Zola, Emile): 12-13
Schools for Democracy (Calhoun, Arthur Wallace): 14-14
The Strikers (Bradley, M. E.): 14-14
The Minimum Wage and the Revolution: 15-15
Facts and Interpretations. The Safety Device (White, Eliot): 16-16
Facts and Interpretations. The Socialized Efficiency Expert to Be (Weeks, Rufus W.): 16-16
Book Review. 'First Love' by Louis Untermeyer (Winslow, Horatio): 16-16
Business (Kauffman, Ruth): 16-16
The Way You Look at It (Winslow, Horatio): 17-17
The Doctors of Social Ills. Fickle Reflections (Weitz, Louis): 18-18
The Doctors of Social Ills. Monthly Cheer-Up Bulletin: 18-18
The Doctors of Social Ills. The Farmer Is an Exploiter (Hendricks, J. S.): 18-18
The Race Menace of Child Labor (Stuhlman, Frank): 19-19
Back Advertisements: 15-15
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