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1911 — 1917
Vol. 4, No. 7
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1913-04-01 20 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. April Fool (Young, Arthur): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Editorial and Front Advertisements: 2-2
Intervention—What For? (De Fornaro, Carlo): 3-3
Guardian of the Loot (Walker, Ryan): 4-4
Knowledge and Revolution (Eastman, Max): 5-6
Damaged Mail (Sloan, John): 6-6
The Masses Bible Class. The Prophet Jonah. I (Wood, Eugene): 7-7
Our Private Sleuth: 8-8
A Taste of Justice (Reed, John): 8-8
The Prophet (Winslow, Horatio): 9-9
'Superior Brains': The Business Men's Class (Bellows, George): 10-11
The Sick List: 12-12
The Danger Line: 12-12
A Wayward Child: 12-12
Prayer at the End of the Day's Work (Winslow, Horatio): 12-12
A Slight Attack of Third Dimentia (Sloan, John): 12-12
Health Hints (Rhinelander Waldo): 12-12
A King for a Queen (Steffens, Lincoln): 13-14
Sunday (Untermeyer, Louis): 14-14
Sunday (Becker, Maurice): 15-15
In the Tin-Pan Market. Literary Sketch (Brown, Robert Carlton): 16-16
In the Tin-Pan Market. Graphic Sketch: Headpiece (Ewer, Raymond Crawford): 16-16
In the Tin-Pan Market. Graphic Sketch: 'Frenzied Finance' (Ewer, Raymond Crawford): 16-16
An Interview (Jones, Ellis O.): 16-16
Blessed Are the Merciful (Brubaker, Howard): 17-17
To Continue the Job (W. E. W.): 17-17
Land of the Free (O'Sheel, Tod): 17-17
Last Call (Jones, Ellis O.): 17-17
Getting Next to Mr. Armour (Jones, Ellis O.): 17-17
Cattle (Sloan, John): 17-17
The World-Wide Battle Line (Walling, William English): 18-18
Back Advertisements: 19-19
Motherhood (Winter, Alice Beach): 20-20
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