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1911 — 1917
Vol. 4, No. 9
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1913-06-01 20 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. 'Gee, Mag, Think of Us Bein' on a Magazine Cover!' (Davis, Stuart): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Editorial Advertisements: 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-2
Darkness before Dawn: A Revolutionary Hymn to the Anthropomorphic God (Burgess, Gelett): 3-3
Little Kids Is Happy When They's Young! (Bellows, George): 4-4
Knowledge and Revolution (Eastman, Max): 5-7
'Why Should I Carry All of This!' (Becker, Maurice): 6-6
'Them Artists Must Be Sensual Fellers!' (Pancoast, Morris Hall): 7-7
A Fighting Chance (H. B.): 7-7
After Hours (Turner, H. J.): 8-8
My Margonary (Brown, Robert Carlton): 8-8
Loving the Native (Winslow, Horatio): 8-8
When the Leaves Come Out (A Paint Creek Miner): 9-9
The Miner (Winter, Charles A.): 9-9
The Socialistic Menace: 9-9
Anti-Suffrage Sentiments (Buck, Gertrude): 9-9
Saving the Corpse (Davis, Stuart): 10-11
The Masses Bible-Class. The Proud Lord of Bezek. III (Wood, Eugene): 12-12
Business Is Business (H. W.): 12-12
God's Advice (Jones, Ellis O.): 12-12
Press Pearls: 12-13
Race Superiority (Sloan, John): 13-13
Glorious In Defeat: 13-13
War in Paterson (Reed, John): 14-17
Those Two Bad Bills (E. O. J.): 17-17
Thank God! (Kemp, Harry): 17-17
Education (Sloan, John): 17-17
In London: 17-17
June Morning: 17-17
The World-Wide Battle Line (Walling, William English): 18-18
Back Advertisements: 19-19
Back Cover Image. The Brood (Winter, Alice Beach): 20-20
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