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Pound, Ezra (editor)
London: Elkin Mathews, 1915-01-01 116 p.; 18 x 12 cm.
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Contents Contents: v-vii
The Scholars (Yeats, W. B.): 1-1
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Eliot, T. S.): 2-8
Portrait of a Lady (Eliot, T. S.): 9-15
The Boston Evening Transcript (Eliot, T. S.): 15-15
Hysteria (Eliot, T. S.): 16-16
Miss Helen Slingsby (Eliot, T. S.): 16-17
Calle Memo o Loredan (Goldring, Douglas): 18-19
One City Only (Corbin, Alice): 20-21
Poem: Abbreviated from the Conversation of Mr. T. E. H. (T. E. H.): 22-22
The Song of Youth (Johns, Orrick): 23-25
No Prey Am I (Johns, Orrick): 25-30
Olives (Johns, Orrick): 31-32
Decoration (Kreymborg, Alfred): 33-33
The Next Drink (Kreymborg, Alfred): 33-34
Doc Hill (Masters, Edgar Lee): 35-35
Ollie McGee (Masters, Edgar Lee): 36-36
Percy Bysshe Shelley (Masters, Edgar Lee): 36-37
Carl Hamblin (Masters, Edgar Lee): 37-38
Roscoe Purkapile (Masters, Edgar Lee): 38-39
Lillian Stewart (Masters, Edgar Lee): 39-40
Rutherford McDowell (Masters, Edgar Lee): 40-41
Hortense Robbins (Masters, Edgar Lee): 42-42
Searcy Foote (Masters, Edgar Lee): 42-43
The Hill (Masters, Edgar Lee): 44-45
A Letter From Peking: October 15th 1910 (Monroe, Harriet): 46-53
Old Age (M. B.): 54-54
Pastels (M. B.): 55-55
Hearthstone (Monro, Harold): 56-57
Suburb (Monro, Harold): 57-59
Milk for the Cat (Monro, Harold): 59-61
The Strange Companion: A Fragment (Monro, Harold): 61-64
Chicago Poems. The Harbour (Sandburg, Carl): 65-65
Chicago Poems. The Road and the End (Sandburg, Carl): 65-66
Chinese Lanterns. The Chessmen (Upward, Allen): 67-67
Chinese Lanterns. The Coffin (Upward, Allen): 68-68
Chinese Lanterns. The Wretched Picture-Dealer (Upward, Allen): 68-68
Chinese Lanterns. The Talking Parrot (Upward, Allen): 68-68
Chinese Lanterns. The Unfortunate Scholar (Upward, Allen): 69-69
In Harbour (Williams, William Carlos): 70-71
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Advent (Williams, William Carlos): 71-72
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Clarity (Williams, William Carlos): 72-74
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Broadway (Williams, William Carlos): 74-76
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Paterson—The Strike (Williams, William Carlos): 76-78
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Abroad (Williams, William Carlos): 78-80
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. Soothsay (Williams, William Carlos): 81-82
The Wanderer: A Rococo Study. St. James' Grove (Williams, William Carlos): 82-85
Contemporania. The Garret (Pound, Ezra): 86-86
Contemporania. The Garden (Pound, Ezra): 86-87
Contemporania. Albatre (Pound, Ezra): 87-87
Contemporania. In a Station of the Metro (Pound, Ezra): 88-88
Contemporania. Further Instructions (Pound, Ezra): 88-89
Contemporania. The Study in Aesthetics (Pound, Ezra): 89-90
Contemporania. Heather (Pound, Ezra): 90-90
Contemporania. The Gipsy (Pound, Ezra): 91-91
Contemporania. Dogmatic Statement Concerning the Game of Chess: Theme for a Series of Pictures (Pound, Ezra): 92-92
Twilight. I (Rodker, John): 93-93
Twilight. II (Rodker, John): 94-94
The Lunatic (Rodker, John): 95-96
Fear (Rodker, John): 96-99
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