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1911 — 1917
Vol. 6, No. 4
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1915-01-01 24 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Davis, Stuart): 1-1
Front Advertisements: 2-2
Contributing Editors: 3-3
To a War Poet (Untermeyer, Louis): 3-3
At Petrograd (Chamberlain, K. R.): 4-4
The Miracle (Steele, Wilbur Daniel): 5-6
'Pitiless Publicity' (Stoddard, W. L.): 6-6
Our Honorable Seth (I. R.): 6-6
Uniform for Teachers (Becker, Maurice): 6-6
National Economy: 6-6
Query for a Philanthropist (I. R.): 6-6
Mars to Mammon (Sparks, G. S.): 7-7
Little Drops of Lyddite (Brubaker, Howard): 7-7
American Militarism (Pinchot, Amos): 8-9
Where Are the Captains of Yesteryear? (Young, Art): 8-8
'Cheer Up, Bill' (Becker, Maurice): 9-9
Socialism and the Sword (F. D.): 9-9
Nobody's Sister (Henle, James): 10-10
Not a Sparrow Falleth (Littell, Philip): 10-10
Booze and Revolution (The Editors): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: Mixed Feelings (C. A. B.): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: A Woman's Opinion (Clark, Alice): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: Stay Off (Haywood, Wm. D.): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: Rum vs. Religion (J. S.): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: From a Saloonkeeper (Wolfart, Thomas G.): 11-11
Booze and Revolution: In Defense of the Cocktail (L. M.): 11-11
'Yours for the Revolution' (Barber, John): 11-11
What Is the Matter with Magazine Art (Eastman, Max): 12-16
Sketches for 'What Is the Matter with Magazine Art' (Walts, Frank): 12-13
'I Gorry, I'm Tired!' (Young, Arthur): 12-13
A Drawing (Becker, Maurice): 14-14
Twelve-Thirty (Barns, Cornelia): 15-15
On the Corner (Sparks, G. S.): 16-16
Art and Impiety: 16-16
A Sketch (Robinson, Boardman): 16-16
Peace in Her Vineyard: 16-16
The Horrors of Peace (Tyson, Stuart H.): 17-17
Poetry and Politics: Challenge. Book Review of 'Challenge' by Louis Untermeyer (F. D.): 18-18
Poetry and Politics: The Kaiser and the Socialists. Book Review of 'The Kaiser' edited by Asa Dan Dickinson (Crone, Anthony): 18-18
'Jim: do you want to do some work for the Lord?' (Davis, Stuart): 18-18
War Changes (McKenna, Edmond): 19-19
Injuring Non-Combatants: 19-19
'Stop the War!': 19-19
Justice (I. R.): 19-19
Congratulations. The Latest American and Parisian Fashions (Davis, Stuart): 19-19
Bernard Shaw: 19-19
Sacrilegious Potato: 19-19
Pie Crust: 19-19
A. F. of L. Syndicalism: 20-20
Prize Press Pearl: 20-20
Germany's Lone Anti-Militarist (W. E. W.): 20-20
William J. Burns in Disguise (Barns, Cornelia): 20-20
Back Advertisements: 21-23
Back Cover Image. 'It's the best thing you've done' (Barns, Cornelia): 24-24
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