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1911 — 1917
Vol. 6, No. 7
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1915-04-01 28 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Bellows, George): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-3
Waiting for the Bomb (Davis, Stuart): 4-4
Knowledge and Revolution (Eastman, Max): 5-6
Invocation (M. E.): 6-6
Prison Literature (Tanenbaum, Frank): 6-6
Among Those Present: 6-6
Travel (Kemp, Harry): 6-6
In the Social Whirl (Brubaker, Howard): 7-7
Christian Patriot (Osborn, Harry): 7-7
'Submarines' (Poole, Ernest): 8-9
A Prayer (Wood, Clement): 9-9
The Golden Miracle (Wood, Clement): 9-9
Jury Duty (Bellows, George): 10-10
Meetings (Parsons, Elsie Clews): 11-11
Overlords of Charity (Ray, Irvin): 11-11
Gentlemen, the King! (Bynner, Witter): 11-11
'Jury Duty': 11-11
Skunks (Glintenkamp, H. J.): 12-12
Heavenly Discourse (Wood, Charles Erskine Scott): 13-13
Billy Sunday (Raper, Frederic W.): 13-13
The Incentive (Cleghorn, Sarah N.): 13-13
Was This the Face That Launched a Thousand Ships? (Barns, Cornelia): 13-13
The Constabulary: 'Policing the Rural Districts' in Philadelphia, 1910 (Sloan, John): 14-15
After the Strike (McKenna, Edmond): 16-16
Pat Quinlan: 16-16
Putting One Over on Woods: 16-16
'We Seen 'im Say It' (Chamberlain, K. R.): 17-17
The Happy Woman (Vorse, Mary Heaton): 18-19
Moving Pictures (Sparks, G. S.): 19-19
Fashion Note: 19-19
The Unemployed (London, Meyer): 20-21
Q. E. D. (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 21-21
Booze and Revolution (O'Hare, Kate Richards): 21-21
The First Few Books: Book Reviews (Eastman, Max): 22-22
'The Harbor': Book Review of 'The Harbor' by Ernest Poole (McKenna, Edmond): 22-22
'The Likes 'o Me': Book Review of 'The Likes o' Me' by Edmond McKenna (Dell, Floyd): 22-22
Progress or Comstock? (Our Readers): 23-24
What Every Young Woman Ought to Have Known (Grieg, Elizabeth): 23-23
The Dear Little Bullet (Waddell, Elizabeth): 24-24
Conscience Corner: 24-24
Back Advertisements: 25-27
Back Cover Image (Davis, Stuart): 28-28
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