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1911 — 1917
Vol. 8, No. 10
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1916-08-01 48 p.; 34.5 x 27.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Davies, Arthur B.): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-4
An Important Announcement (Eastman, Max): 5-5
'Mommer! The Merry-Go-Round!' (Barns, Cornelia): 6-6
Soldiers of France (Hopper, James): 7-7
The Treacherous Greaser (Granich, Irwin): 8-8
From a Statistical Clerk (Wilson, Helen L.): 8-8
The Tenant Farmer (Waddell, Elizabeth): 8-8
'God' (Robinson, Boardman): 9-9
War and Politics (Eastman, Max): 10-10
Clinic Doctor to Patient (Grieg, Elizabeth): 11-11
Tweedledum vs. Tweedledee (Brubaker, Howard): 11-11
To England (Untermeyer, Louis): 11-11
The Strength of God (Anderson, Sherwood): 12-13
Melodies. I (Davies, Arthur B.): 13-13
Melodies. II (Davies, Arthur B.): 14-14
Golden Bough (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
In the Art Institute (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
Flirtation (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
Gratitude (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
Ravelling (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
Finis (Hoyt, Helen): 14-14
Melodies. III (Davies, Arthur B.): 15-15
Deliverance: A Play in One Act (Rachilde): 15-18
Melodies. IV (Davies, Arthur B.): 16-16
Melodies. V (Davies, Arthur B.): 17-17
Melodies. VI (Davies, Arthur B.): 18-18
Atrocity: 18-18
Roosevelt Sold Them Out (Reed, John): 19-20
The Day of War: Madison Square, June 20th (Giovannitti, Arturo): 20-20
Pittsburgh (Minor, Robert): 21-21
Pedigreed Stock at Newport (Young, Arthur): 22-22
Heavenly Discourse (Wood, Charles Erskine Scott): 22-22
Congratulations!: 22-22
The Bottom of New York: From Manhattan Bridge (Barber, John): 23-23
A Careful District Attorney (A. G.): 23-23
The Acid Test: 23-23
Either Platform Will Do (Minor, Robert): 24-25
In the Subway (Mastin, Florence Ripley): 26-26
Mayor Mitchel and the Holy Ghost (Marot, Helen): 26-26
Melodies. VII (Davies, Arthur B.): 26-26
The Masses Review: Combined with the New Review (Eastman, Max): 27-36
War Psychology and International Socialism (Eastman, Max): 27-29
Revolution and the Garment Trade (Marot, Helen): 29-29
Rejected Platforms: 30-31
A Testimonial to Carranza: 31-31
Ireland and the Social Revolution (Giovannitti, Arturo): 31-32
Programs of Peace (Walling, William English): 33-33
Single Tax and the War Problem (Garrison, Frank W.): 34-34
Thinking about the Balkans (Dell, Floyd): 35-36
Talks with Live Authors: Book Review of 'The Genius' by Theodore Dreiser (Dell, Floyd): 36-36
Mexico vs. the U.S.: 36-36
Old Men and Infants: Book Review of 'The American College' by Isaac Sharpless (Dell, Floyd): 37-37
The Printed Word (L. U.): 37-37
The Flame (L. U.): 37-37
Advertisement for 'The Masses Review': 37-37
Jim Lord on America (Barton, Dante): 38-38
An Appeal from California (Pinchon, Edgcumb): 38-38
My Reasons for Quitting the Army and Navy (G. W. M.): 38-38
Masses Subscription Reminder: 38-38
A Plea from Mexico: 39-39
A Nationalist International (Walling, William English): 39-40
Correspondence. Conditions in England (Woods, J. B. C.): 40-40
Correspondence. From a Lifer ("Christopher James"): 40-40
Correspondence. Progress (Conant, F. H.): 40-40
Correspondence. An Australian in Revolt (Elliott, David J. B.): 40-40
Correspondence. Information: 40-40
Correspondence. The Masses—Warning to Students (Kaimin, Montana): 40-40
Correspondence. Right You Are (Mitchell, S. D.): 40-40
The Picnic (Barns, Cornelia): 41-41
Back Advertisements: 42-47
Back Cover Image: Lodgings (Higgins, Eugene): 48-48
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