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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 4
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-02-01 44 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Gellert, Hugo): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-3
Love and Marriage (Taylor, Ellen): 3-3
Rain in the City (Wilchinsky, Martha L.): 3-3
A Blyting Reproach (Klaa, Klaud): 3-3
Lest They Forget (Becker, Maurice): 4-4
Irresponsibilities (Brubaker, Howard): 5-5
The Boarder (Lazar, Maurice): 6-7
Black 'Ell (Malleson, Miles): 7-8
Peace and Honor (Robinson, Boardman): 9-9
The Novice (Bellows, George): 15-15
An Old American Radical (Bohn, Frank): 17-18
General Isaac Sherwood (Young, Arthur): 17-17
Two Ideals: 18-18
Everett's Bloody Sunday (Ashleigh, Charles): 18-19
A Design (Davies, Arthur B.): 19-19
Crimes of Charity. Trying Them Out & 'Clipping Wings of Little Birds' (Bercovici, Konrad): 20-20
The Public Library. The Fixture (Endicoff, Max): 21-21
The Public Library. The Chief Librarian (Endicoff, Max): 21-21
The Public Library. The Newcomer (Endicoff, Max): 21-21
The Public Library. The Retired Acrobat (Endicoff, Max): 21-21
A Prophetic Utterance: 22-22
Café Strategists (Barns, Cornelia): 22-22
Culture and Crochet (Mayers, Isabel R.): 22-22
Estrangement (Gay, Dorothea): 22-22
Friends (Young, Mahonri): 23-23
The Dead (Amidon, Beulah): 23-23
Summer. I-IV (Dell, Floyd): 23-23
Revolutionary Progress. To Socialist Party Critics (Eastman, Max): 24-24
Revolutionary Progress. In Memory: 24-24
Revolutionary Progress. After the War (Lewis, Austin): 25-25
Revolutionary Progress. Beating Germany (H. M.): 25-25
Revolutionary Progress. Dominant Capitalist Class (A. L.): 25-25
Revolutionary Progress. Ex-Governor Hunt (H. M.): 25-25
Revolutionary Progress. The Challenge (H. M.): 25-26
A Possible Decision on the Railroad Question (Becker, Maurice): 26-26
First Meeting of the American Academy of Arts and Letters (Young, Arthur): 27-27
Revolutionary Progress. Delay (H. M.): 27-28
Revolutionary Progress. Rescue the Perishing: 28-28
The Seismograph Test—Not a Tremor! (Young, Arthur): 28-28
Robert Underwood Johnson—Preserved to Posterity (Young, Arthur): 28-28
Revolutionary Progress. Porcine Christianity: 28-28
Books That Are Interesting. Mr. Wells in His Own Defence—Book Review of 'Mr. Britling Sees It Through' by H. G. Wells (F. D.): 29-30
Brander Matthews, Immortal (Young, Art): 29-29
Books That Are Interesting. Rebecca West—Book Review of 'Henry James' by Rebecca West (Eastman, Max): 30-31
Books That Are Interesting. This Beats War—Book Review of 'War Bread: A Personal Narrative of the War and Relief in Belgium' by Edward Eyre Hunt (F. D.): 31-31
The Spiritual Significance of Legs and Loyalty (Wood, Charles W.): 32-33
The Deadly Sin of Journalism—Book Review of 'Journalism Versus Art' by Max Eastman (F. D.): 34-35
'The Mark of the Beast' (Kauffman, Reginald Wright): 35-35
Back Advertisements: 35-44
Eminently Appropriate (Gollomb, Joseph): 37-37
In the Corner by the Wall (Schuyler, Margaretta): 37-37
The Letter (Kelton, Margaret): 37-37
Bohemia—From Another Angle (Apotheker, Nan): 39-39
On the Rialto: Chicago (Hefferan, T. E. M.): 39-39
The Moon above Broadway (Gay, Dorothea): 39-39
Ebony (Whitsett, George F.): 39-39
Darkest America: 41-41
Pater Wilde, Harris and Lemon (Baldwin, Summerfield): 41-41
The Animal Store (Burr, Jane): 41-41
Notice: 41-41
Like the Metropolitan? (Stuhlman, Frank): 42-42
Submarine: 43-43
The Newspaper Man (Dwight, Mabel): 43-43
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