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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 5
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-03-01 44 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Study of Nazimova from Life (Walts, Frank): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-3
Society Doing Zuloaga (Robinson, Boardman): 4-4
Foreladies (Spadoni, Adriana): 5-6
What of the Night (Waddell, Elizabeth): 6-6
Leaks! (Brubaker, Howard): 7-7
Woman Tying Shoe (Young, Mahonri): 7-7
Sense and the Censor (Burgess, Gelett): 8-14
'It's the struggle, my boy' (Young, Arthur): 13-13
The Menace in the Schoolroom (Becker, Maurice): 15-15
Sport: 16-16
Propaganditti (Matson, Norman H.): 17-18
A.D. 1917 (Higgins, Eugene): 18-18
The Courage of the Cripple (Pinchot, Amos): 19-21
To My Husband (Anonymous): 21-21
A Manhattan Yard (Mastin, Florence Ripley): 21-21
Revolutionary Progress. Inez Milholland (Eastman, Max): 22-22
Revolutionary Progress. England after the War (H. M.): 22-22
Murderer (Sterner, Albert): 23-23
Revolutionary Progress. Freedom for Porto Ricans: 24-25
Santiago Iglesias (Young, Arthur): 24-24
'So the men want another raise!' (Barns, Cornelia): 25-25
Revolutionary Progress. The United States Shipping Board (Bohn, Frank): 25-27
Drunk (Seligman, Herbert): 26-26
Revolutionary Progress. On Trial for Blasphemy (F. D.): 27-27
In a Hospital (Stearns, Harold Crawford): 27-27
Books That Are Interesting. The Book of the Month—Book Review of 'Why Men Fight' by Bertrand Russell (F. D.): 28-29
Books That Are Interesting. Childhood—Book Review of 'The Unwelcome Man' by Waldo Frank (F. D.): 29-29
Books That Are Interesting. China—Book Review of 'Present-Day China' by Gardiner L. Harding (Rai, Lajpat): 29-30
Books That Are Interesting. The Disillusion of Magdalen—Book Review of 'Magdalen' by J. S. Machar, trans. by Lee Wiener (F. D.): 30-30
Books That Are Interesting. Notes on New Books—Short Book Reviews of 'War, a Play in Four Acts' by Michael Artzibashef, 'Witte Arrives' by Elias Tobenkin, 'Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1916' and 'Year Book of American Poetry' edited by William Stanley Braithwaite, 'The Sexual Crisis: A Critique of Our Sex Life' by Grete Meisel-Hess, and 'Music and Bad Manners' by Carl Van Vechten: 30-30
For Pearl Divers: 30-30
Thoughts on God and Annette Kellermann (Wood, Charles W.): 31-33
'And So They Were Married': An Intrusion (F. D.): 33-33
We Are Happy to State: 33-33
Back Advertisements: 34-44
Singalese Love Songs. I-V (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 35-35
Good Bye (Kirkland, Jeanne): 37-37
Incredibles (Burr, Jane): 39-39
To an Artist on His Birthday (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 39-39
Apples (David, Ross): 39-39
A Stranger in the City (Bradley, Mary): 40-40
Jealousy (Medusenhaupt): 40-40
Lullaby (Thomas, Elizabeth): 40-40
Monochrome (Thomas, Elizabeth): 40-40
Old Woman (Thomas, Elizabeth): 40-40
Monopoly (Smith, Harry): 40-40
Wyrd (Haughawout, Margaret E.): 41-41
Protest (Carrel, Morton): 41-41
'Spawn': 41-41
Slate: 41-41
'The New Freedom' for Women (Wenclaw, Ruza): 42-42
Possession (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 42-42
The Dance (Stevens, James): 42-42
Suffering Poland (Benet, William Rose): 43-43
Time-Clock (Smith, Harry): 43-43
En Route (Curry, Routledge): 43-43
The Monkey (Tobey, Berkeley): 43-43
The Cripple (Tobey, Berkeley): 43-43
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