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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 6
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-04-01 44 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Hartmann, G.): 1-1
Front Advertisements: 2-3
A Design (Davies, Arthur B.): 4-4
Revolutionary Progress (Eastman, Max): 5-8
Railroad King Canute (Chamberlain, K. R.): 7-7
Chains in It! (Chamberlain, K. R.): 8-8
'I make velly bad Clistian' (Robinson, Boardman): 9-9
Lest We Forget. The Railroad Question (H. M.): 10-10
Lest We Forget. Getting Away with It: 10-11
Lest We Forget. Making Lawbreakers: 11-11
Whose War? (Reed, John): 11-12
Patriotism: 12-12
The Press Censorship Bill (C. T. H.): 12-12
Man: Suggested by Arturo Giovannitti's War Play (Young, Arthur): 13-13
To Congress Concerning the Bill for Universal Military Service (Hillyer, Robert): 14-14
Reverse English (Brubaker, Howard): 14-15
'He's cussin' them street-car conductors' (Young, Arthur): 15-15
Publicity: 16-16
Wind and Flame (Untermeyer, Louis): 16-16
Destructive Innocence (Hapgood, Hutchins): 16-16
Hours (Eastman, Max): 16-16
A Lover of Animals (Eastman, Max): 17-17
Salome (Sterne, Maurice): 18-18
Meistersingers (Barns, Cornelia): 20-20
A Strange Meeting: 21-21
The Way of Ancient Rome (Young, Arthur): 22-23
Read This: 24-24
Christian Fun: A Press Clipping: 24-24
Bible Study: 25-25
Mountains (Wenclaw, Ruza): 25-25
Black Magic (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 25-25
Drawing of Two Figures (Sterne, Maurice): 25-25
Books That Are Interesting. The Book of the Month—Book Review of 'The Sexual Crisis: A Critique of Our Sex Life' by Grete Meisel-Hess, trans. by Eden and Cedar Paul (Dell, Floyd): 26-28
Books That Are Interesting. Haeckel—Book Review of 'Eternity: World-War Thoughts on Life and Death, Religion, and the Theory of Evolution' by Ernst Haeckel, trans. by Thomas Seltzer (Lowie, Robert H.): 28-28
Books That Are Interesting. Sweetness and Light—Book Review of 'The New Republic Book: Selection from the First Hundred Issues': 28-29
Books That Are Interesting. Philosophy Released—Book Review of 'Egotism in German Philosophy' by George Santayana (Eastman, Max): 30-31
Books That Are Interesting. Poetry, 1916—Book Review of 'Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1916' and 'Year Book of American Poetry' edited by William Stanley Braithwaite (F. D.): 31-31
The Prevention and Cure of Childhood (Wood, Charles W.): 32-33
Back Advertisements: 34-44
Contributing Editors: 35-35
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Sensations (Bryant, Louise): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Irony (Whitaker, Jane): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Courage (Arnold, Anne): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Prelude (Reich, Henry): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Wind Cry (Gay, Dorothea): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. With Some Mss. (Van Wert, Franklin): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Pagliacco (Rosenthal, David): 40-40
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Birth (Fox, Elizabeth): 40-40
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Orator (Wençlaw, Ruza): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Art and Immortality: 41-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. An Episode in Life (Tympanus): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Children Playing (Wençlaw, Ruza): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Advent (Bull, Nina): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Cost (Carr, M. C.): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Two Kinds of Growth (Dewey, John): 43-43
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