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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 7
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-05-01 44 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Study of Anita Loos (Walts, Frank): 1-1
A Message (Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in America): 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Clock (Patton, Miriam Keep): 3-3
Orchids and Hollyhocks. I Wanted (Curry, Routledge): 3-3
Front Advertisements: 3-3
Patrons of War (Robinson, Boardman): 4-4
Revolutionary Progress. Russia (Reed, John): 5-6
Revolutionary Progress. Hare and Tortoise: 6-6
Revolutionary Progress. Patriotism Absolute?: 6-6
Revolutionary Progress. The Commercial Policy of Conscription (Pinchot, Amos): 6-6
A Vision of Revolt (Higgins, Eugene): 7-7
Business Man and Bishop (Young, Arthur): 9-9
Business and Spirituality. War as a Blessing: 9-9
Business and Spirituality. Business and War: 9-9
A Friend at the Court (Reed, John): 10-11
May Night (Barns, Cornelia): 11-11
Statement (Mooney, Tom): 12-12
An Experiment: 12-12
Fatten the Calf! (F. D.): 13-13
An Interview with the Pope (Reed, John): 13-14
A Separation (Walling, William English): 14-14
A Separation (Eastman, Max): 14-15
Flattering Germany (Reed, John): 15-16
Street Corner (Gminska, E.): 15-15
The Real War (Lieutenant 'X' of the French Army): 16-19
The Wife (Becker, Maurice): 18-18
Moon Madness (Kent, Eileen): 19-21
At Carnegie Hall (Glintenkamp, H. J.): 20-20
Benediction in Georgia (Bellows, George): 22-23
Painting the Lily (Brubaker, Howard): 23-23
The Teacher Speaks (Mastin, Florence Ripley): 24-24
In Winter (Brackett, Charles William): 24-24
A Threnody (Brackett, Charles William): 24-24
Wanted: Higher Education in Sin (Wood, Charles W.): 24-26
The Coon Shouter (Glintenkamp, H. J.): 25-25
Two Women Talking (Barber, John): 26-26
Books That Are Interesting: The Two Books of the Month. Officeland—Book Review of 'The Job: An American Novel' by Sinclair Lewis. I (Anderson, Frances): 27-28
The Statuette (Bellows, George): 27-27
Books That Are Interesting: The Two Books of the Month. The Adventure of Life—Book Review of 'Mendel, A Novel' by Gilbert Cannan. II (F. D.): 28-28
Second Avenue Barber Shop on Saturday Afternoon (Davis, Stuart): 29-29
Books That Are Interesting. Truth?—Book Review of 'Susan Lenox, Her Fall and Rise' by David Graham Phillips (F. D.): 29-30
Books That Are Interesting. Clement Wood—Book Review of 'Glad of Earth: Poems' by Clement Wood (Reed, John): 30-30
We Pause: 30-30
Books That Are Interesting. Militant Pacifism—Book Review of 'Understanding Germany' by Max Eastman (Giovannitti, Arturo): 31-32
Books That Are Interesting. The Legendary Villa—Review of the Pamphlet 'Who, Where, and Why Is Villa?' by Dr. A. Margo (Reed, John): 32-32
Books That Are Interesting. Loneliness (De Pue, Elsa): 32-33
The Food Riots (Wilkinson, Marguerite): 33-33
Back Advertisements: 34-44
Orchids and Hollyhocks. When I Have Tea (Hetzel, Margaret Hunt): 35-35
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Ritual (Bull, Nina): 35-35
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Bath (P. C.): 35-35
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Engaged (Albert, Estelle): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Sonnet (Lackey, Alexander McK.): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Life's Mysteries (Curry, Routledge): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Peace (Fox, Lilian): 40-40
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Her Breasts (Smith, Harry Dugdale): 40-40
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Mother (Rivola, Flora Shufelt): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. To Fritz Kreisler (Fawcett, James Waldo): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Children Playing (Gibson, Lydia): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Looking Toward O'Connell Bridge (Alexander, Hall): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Thoroughly Pagan (Alexander, Hall): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. I Cursed a Woman (Alexander, Hall): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Reverie over a Demi-tasse (Carrel, Morton): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Smouldering Volcanoes (Smith, Harry Dugdale): 42-42
Contributing Editors: 43-43
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