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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 11
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-09-01 44 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Leonetti, Carlo): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. To a Schoolmistress (E. S. S.): 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Hands (Shannon, James): 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Desires (Field, Rachel Lyman): 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-2
What Happened to the August Masses: 3-3
Woman. I (Walkowitz, A.): 4-4
One Solid Month of Liberty (Reed, John): 5-6
Pen-Point: 6-6
'Young Lads First' (Wattles, Willard): 6-6
Having Their Fling (Young, Art): 7-7
A Great Program: 8-9
Benjamin R. Tucker (Eastman, Max): 9-9
O Sorry Plight! (Young, Arthur): 10-10
One Day after Another (Brubaker, Howard): 10-11
Liberty Bondage: 11-11
Assistant District-Attorney Earl B. Barnes (Young, Arthur): 11-11
Defender of Relics: 11-11
Searchlights (Nevinson, C. R. W.): 12-12
Revolutionary Progress (Eastman, Max): 13-13
The Mitrailleuse (Nevinson, C. R. W.): 14-14
Before the Storm (Nevinson, C. R. W.): 16-16
Tom Hickey (Young, Art): 18-18
Contra Bonos Mores (Lewis, Austin): 19-20
Dudley Field Malone (Young, Art): 20-20
The President and the Pickets: 20-20
Aesop Revised: 20-20
Letter from the Wife of an English Conscientious Objector: 21-21
Two Deportations—Take Your Choice. Belgium (Robinson, Boardman): 22-22
Two Deportations—Take Your Choice. U. S. A. (Robinson, Boardman): 23-23
The Post Office Censorship (Eastman, Max): 24-24
Hunger (Flexner, Hortense): 24-24
The Wind of Death (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 25-25
Sea-Shore (Eastman, Max): 25-25
Her Veins Are Lit with Strange Desire (Wynne, Annette): 25-25
Woman. II (Walkowitz, A.): 25-25
Our Crimson Sin (Wood, Charles W.): 26-26
Calling the Bluff: 26-26
Speaking of Patriotism: 26-26
Battle Hymn of the Russian Republic (Untermeyer, Louis): 27-27
Illustration for 'Battle Hymn of the Russian Republic' (Higgins, Eugene): 27-27
Books That Are Interesting. The Book of the Month—Book Review of 'A German Deserter's War Experience' (Rogers, Merrill): 28-28
Books That Are Interesting. The Religion of Middle-Age—Book Review of 'God the Invisible King' by H. G. Wells (Parsons, Elsie Clews): 29-29
Books That Are Interesting. Half-Holiday—Book Review of 'The War, Madame...' by Paul Géraldy, trans. by Barton Blake (Dell, Floyd): 30-31
Books That Are Interesting. Un-Modern Love—Book Review of 'Helen of Four Gates' by An Ex-Mill Girl (D. D.): 31-32
Books That Are Interesting. Modern War—Book Review of 'Modern War: Paintings by C. R. W. Nevison,' with an essay by P. G. Konody (Zigrosser, Carl): 32-32
Books That Are Interesting. The Single Tax—Book Review of 'The Principles of Natural Taxation' by C. B. Fillebrown (MacKendrick, Alex): 32-33
Sonnet (Mayer, Edwin Justus): 33-33
'We are here to talk REASON—NOT TREASON': 34-35
Back Advertisements: 36-44
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Sweat-Shop Flowers (Robinson, Eloise): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Broadway at Night (Shaw, Frances): 37-37
Orchids and Hollyhocks. For Lyric Labor (Waddell, Elizabeth): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Comfortable (Zard, Claire Bu): 39-39
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Red Cross (E. W. P.): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Professors (Eisenburgh, Julia): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Freedom (Whitsett, George F.): 41-41
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Carlotta, Who Must Die, to Her Body (McDougal, Mary Carmack): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. In The Hallway (Apotheker, Nan): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. To Susan B. Anthony (F.): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Scare-Crow (F.): 42-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Fool (Hetzel, Margaret Hunt): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Spring (Arnold, Anne): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Trilium (Johns, Peggy Baird): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. To MacDowell (Cline, Leonard Lanson): 43-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Earth and Stars (Henderson, Rose): 43-43
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