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1911 — 1917
Vol. 9, No. 12
Eastman, Max (editor)
New York: The Masses Publishing Co., 1917-10-01 46 p.; 27.5 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Zillig, Fritz): 1-1
Contributing Editors: 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Pins (Vedder, Miriam): 2-2
Orchids and Hollyhocks. The Foolish Virgin Lights Her Lamp (De Pue, Elva): 2-2
Front Advertisements: 2-2
President Wilson's Letter to the Pope (Eastman, Max): A-A
Special Announcement: 3-3
'The Insolence of Office and the Law's Delay' (M. R.): 3-3
Family and Goat (Gellert, Hugo): 4-4
Rainy Song (Eastman, Max): 4-4
News from France (Bryant, Louise): 5-6
Replenisher of the Armies: 6-6
Romeo and Mercutio (Young, Arthur): 7-7
Apocrypha: 8-8
Sweet Satisfaction: 8-8
Prediction: 8-8
Man Measured by Death (Glintenkamp, H. J.): 9-9
The Eye of the Beholder (Dodge, Mabel): 10-11
Sorrow (Berrington, Emilia): 11-11
Revolutionary Progress (Eastman, Max): 12-14
Sonnet (Mayer, Edwin Justus): 14-14
Playing It Safe (Brubaker, Howard): 15-15
Rain (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 15-15
The New France (Bryant, Louise): 15-15
Correspondence. Publishing Advice (Shaw, G. Bernard): 16-16
Correspondence. Response to Shaw's Letter (Eastman, Max): 16-16
Prussianism (S. R.): 16-16
Oh, Little Moonlit Hill (Divine, Charles): 16-16
'Kaiser Wilson': one of the banners for which the suffragists were jailed (Robinson, Boardman): 17-17
A New Kind of Art Gallery: 17-17
When the Cock Crows (Giovannitti, Arturo): 18-20
Lounging Nude (Storrs, John): 20-20
Trees. New Growth (Gay, Dorothea): 20-20
Trees. Horse Chestnut (Gay, Dorothea): 20-20
John Storrs (Bryant, Louise): 21-21
Lee Crystal (Sloan, J. Blanding): 21-21
Crouching Nude (Storrs, John): 21-21
Psycho-Analysts (Barns, Cornelia): 22-22
Kisses (Vogdes, Walter): 23-24
Ballade for the Fourth Year of War (Roberts, Walter Adolphe): 24-24
Mnemonian Wind (Carter, Elizabeth): 24-24
I. W. W. (Crocker, Donald M.): 24-24
Did You Know That—: 24-24
An Eight-Hour Day for Soldiers (Russell, Phillips): 25-25
Iceland Declares War on Africa (Young, Arthur): 25-25
Coney Island Morality (Wood, Charles W.): 26-28
Sister of Mine (Danforth, Roy Harrison): 28-28
Books That Are Interesting. The Book of the Month—Book Review of 'The Autobiography of a Super-tramp' by W. H. Davies (Granich, Irwin): 29-30
Books That Are Interesting. Thousand and One Nights—Book Review of 'Limehouse Nights' by Thomas Burke (Day, Dorothy): 30-30
Books That Are Interesting. A Horrible Example—Book Review of 'These Times' by Louis Untermeyer (Untermeyer, Louis): 31-31
Books That Are Interesting. Preachings Unpractised—Book Review of 'The Offender and His Relation to Law and Society' by Burdette G. Lewis (Phillips, Charles Francis): 31-32
Keeping Cool (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 32-32
Lovers on a Pedestal (Storrs, John): 33-33
Once in a Blue, Blue Moon (Reps, Paul): 33-33
The Scullion (Carrel, Morton): 33-33
How to Get The Masses on Your Newsstand: 33-33
Sketches (Frueh, Alfred): 34-34
A Step toward Democracy (Reed, John): 35-35
It Costs (Parsons, Elsie Clews): 35-35
The Great Undertaking (Eastland, T. B.): 36-37
Lounging Women (Barber, John): 37-37
Back Advertisements: 38-44
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Explanation of a Failure—So Many on the Verge of Greatness (Howe, Ed): 41-42
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Blades of Grass (à la Walt) (Simmons, Laura): 42-43
Orchids and Hollyhocks. Enchant Our Eyes (Gibson, Lydia): 43-43
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