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1900 — 1910
Vol. 14, No. 6
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S.S. McClure Co., 1900-04-01 250 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. Girl with Floral Wreath (Herter, Albert): A-A
Front Advertisements: B-adv16
Contents: adv2-adv2
Frontispiece. Site of Bethsaida, on the Lake of Galilee (Linson, Corwin Knapp): D-D
The Life of the Master. Jesus' Ministry at Capernaum. —His Rejection by Nazareth. IV (Watson, John): 487-498
The American Invasion of China: A Personal Survey of Commercial Conditions in the Interior of China (Parsons, William Barclay): 499-510
In Front of the Stampede: A Story of the Frontier Railroad and the Plains (Kerr, Alvah Milton): 511-519
'A Tale of a Tub': The Story of a Lawyer Who Became a Prisoner (Hopkins, Tighe): 520-525
A Manufacturer of History: A Story of Newspaper and Political Life (Warren, Charles): 525-537
The Ice-Breaker 'Ermack': A Ship That May Yet Navigate to the Pole (Mayo, Earl): 537-544
Within an Ace of the End of the World: A Story of Scientific Miscalculation (Barr, Robert): 545-554
An Artic Day and Night: Some of the Novelties of Domestic Life and Daily Work up under the North Pole (Wellman, Walter): 555-563
Professor Huxley's Start in Life: His Early Struggles to Win a Livelihood by Science (Huxley, Leonard): 564-572
The Winning of the Trans-Continental: A Story of the Pacific Coast (Raine, William McLeod): 573-578
Editorial Notes (Editor of 'McClure's Magazine'): 579-579
The Search for Gold (Warman, Cy): 580-580
A Man-Song (Lighton, William R.): 580-580
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