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1900 — 1910
Vol. 27, No. 4
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S. S. McClure Co., 1906-08-01 232 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [Woman in Red] (Campbell, Blendon): A-A
Front Advertisements: B-adv2
Contents: adv3-adv3
Frontispiece: 'Hands Up!' (Wyeth, N. C.): 336-336
A Soul above Buttons (Kelly, Myra): 337-345
The Story of Montana (Connolly, C. P.): 346-361
Impressions of Rachel (Schurz, Carl): 362-367
The Unexpected (London, Jack): 368-382
Mrs. Archer's Feelings (Roach, Abby Meguire): 383-390
The Trimmed Lamp (Henry, O.): 391-399
The Story of Life-Insurance. The Great Tontine Gamble. IV (Hendrick, Burton J.): 400-412
Robin Goodfellow—His Friends. Hal o' the Draft. IV (Kipling, Rudyard): 413-420
Archie's Baby (Roseboro', Viola): 421-428
The Lady Peddler and the Diplomats (Woodrow, Wilson): 429-437
Cancer—Can It Be Cured? (Saleeby, C. W.): 438-445
Casabianca (Glass, Montague): 445-448
The After-Glow on the Height (Wilkinson, Florence): 448-448
Back Advertisements: adv17-adv98
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