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1910 — 1922
Vol. 39, No. 4
Wright, Willard Huntington (editor)
New York: John Adams Thayer Company, 1913-04-01 176 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Frontispiece: 'Joseph and His Brethren': B-B
When the Devil Ruled (Angellotti, Marion Polk): 1-34
The Rack (Sterling, George): 35-36
Amendments to Roget (Klutch, Miniver): 36-36
Cochon Royal Aux Truffes (Bolton, Guy): 37-40
The Son of Sube (Johnson, Julian): 41-48
Tell Me (Saltus, Edgar): 48-48
Pertinent and Impertinent (Hatteras, Owen): 49-51
April Song (Wright, Willard Huntington): 51-51
A Ballad of Too Much Beauty (Le Gallienne, Richard): 52-52
The Amateur Bohemian: A Page From the Book of Broadway (Howard, George Bronson): 53-66
Regrets (Zimmerman, H. E.): 66-66
A Tragedy of Errors (Davies, Helen): 67-74
Loulou Collaborates (Hardy, Jay): 75-80
The Morals of Paris (Hereford, William Richard): 81-88
At Dawn You Go (Walsh, Eleanor): 88-88
Lyrics of Spring (Carman, Bliss): 89-90
Experiments (Dean, William Harper): 91-96
'Mabel, Go Put on Your Hat' (Merrick, Leonard): 97-102
The Beeriad (Mencken, H. L.): 103-111
Faith (Sullivan, Archibald): 111-111
In the Cool of the Evening (Bynner, Witter): 112-112
Jessica Screams (Dell, Floyd): 113-120
Morning Glories (Niehardt, John G.): 120-120
The Dancing Girl of Tlemgad (Millard, Bruce): 121-123
Two Songs (Wheelock, John Hall): 124-124
Surnamed Barnabas (Lighton, William R.): 125-132
Into Arcady (Powers, Marsh K.): 132-132
The Spiked Club (Elliott, Joseph): 133-136
Spring in Japan (Untermeyer, Louis): 136-136
The Eternal Mystery (Nathan, George Jean): 137-142
Le Démon de la Curiosité (Margueritte, Paul): 143-144
The Burbling of the Bards (Mencken, H. L.): 145-152
What About Edward Sheldon? (Nathan, George Jean): 153-158
A Word to Authors (Wright, Willard Huntington): 159-160
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