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1910 — 1922
Vol. 42, No. 1
Wright, Willard Huntington (editor)
New York: John Adams Thayer Company, 1914-01-01 180 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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New York (Schoonmaker, Edwin Davies): 1-3
Beginning on the facing page: 4-4
The Parasite: A Page from the Book of Broadway (Bronson-Howard, George): 5-44
A Dodge of Death (Thorndike, Russell): 45-49
Old Poets (Kilmer, Joyce): 50-50
His Own People (Kinross, Albert): 51-57
All Else but Love (Wattles, Willard A.): 58-58
The Merchant of Venus (Terhune, Albert Payson): 59-66
At a Subway Station (Teasdale, Sara): 66-66
Pertinent and Impertinent (Hatteras, Owen): 67-72
His Stenographer: As he dictates to her (Monroe, Harriet): 72-72
Admiral Paul Jones—and Gwen (Vaughan, Owen): 73-84
Frank (Bynner, Witter): 84-84
Variations on a Classic Theme (Untermeyer, Louis): 85-90
The Home Trail (NcNutt, Williams Slavens): 91-95
A Moon Song (Cannéll, Skipwith): 95-95
His Partner (Tridon, André): 96-96
The Biteless Dog (Solon, Israel): 97-102
A Desert Vision (Scollard, Clinton): 102-102
The Night Romance of Europe: Paris (Nathan, George Jean): 103-110
The Ballad of St. John of Nepomuk (Sterling, George): 111-112
From an Impressionist's Notebook (Bell, Archie): 112-112
The Breakfast (Fisguill, Richard): 113-118
The Reporter—An Assignment (Mowrer, Paul Scott): 118-118
Her Law (Wells, Leila Burton): 119-125
Bewilderment (Starbuck, Victor): 126-126
The Inner House (Briggs, Edward Ashbrook): 127-132
The Green—Eyed Monster (Klauber, Adolph): 133-141
Beannacht Leat—My Blessing With You (Byrne, Donn): 142-142
A Faun in Wall Street (O'Hara, John Myers): 142-142
Sous La Seine (Dourliac, H. A.): 143-144
Why Our Drama is Backward (Nathan, George Jean): 145-152
A Pestilence of Novels (Mencken, H. L.): 153-160
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