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1910 — 1922
Vol. 43, No. 3
Thayer, John Adams (editor)
New York: John Adams Thayer Company, 1914-07-01 172 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Man greeting woman with pan looking on (Flagg, James Montgomery): A-A
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Contents: adv 2-adv 2
The Night Hawk (Jepson, Edgar): 1-47
Mary's Eyes (Hagedorn, Hermann): 47-47
Argosies (Starbuck, Victor): 48-48
An Eavesdropper (Balmer, Edwin): 49-52
The Finer Sensibilities (Springer, Fleta Campbell): 53-58
The Ghost (MacDonald, Elizabeth Roberts): 58-58
A Good Influence (Tilden, Freeman): 59-66
She Who Hesitates (Luther, Grace Richmond): 67-73
The Last Demand (Baldwin, Faith): 73-73
Pertinent and Impertinent (Hatteras, Owen): 74-74
Slaves of the Gun (Byrne, Donn): 75-81
The Mendicant (Peach, Arthur Wallace): 81-81
A Man in a Club Window (Kauffman, Reginald Wright): 82-82
The Hookers (Masterson, Kate): 83-88
Ballad of the Yielded Kiss (Murphy, Ethel Allen): 88-88
The Image (Kraft, Irma): 89-97
Heartsease (Van Hook, Clifford Evans): 97-97
Sonoma (Bynner, Witter): 98-98
Symbols (Trapnell, Edna Valentine): 98-98
The White Boy (Terhune, Albert Payson): 99-105
Kansas and London (Kemp, Harry): 105-105
The Call of the Blood (Mangam, May T.): 106-106
He Went for a Soldier (Mitchell, Ruth Comfort): 107-108
From the Journal of Mme. Léandre (Woljeska, Helen): 108-108
Roses and Orchids (Springer, Thomas Grant): 109-112
Still Another Essay on Acting (Nathan, George Jean): 113-115
Dark (Benét, Laura): 116-116
A Burst of Speed (Buck, Charles Neville): 117-122
The Desert Road (Pickthall, Marjorie L. C.): 123-127
The Dwelling (Scollard, Clinton): 127-127
Home (Loeb, Sophie Irene): 128-128
Dites! Que Faut-Il Faire? (Flexner, Hortense): 128-128
Harrison (Fetherstonhaugh, V.): 129-141
His Wife and Her Husband (Pascal, René): 142-142
Le Pardon (Val, Charles): 143-143
All's Well That Ends (Nathan, George Jean): 145-152
Galsworthy and Others (Mencken, H. L.): 153-160
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