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1910 — 1922
Vol. 44, No. 2
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: John Adams Thayer Company, 1914-10-01 172 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Man greeting woman with mythic onlookers (Flagg, James Montgomery): A-A
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Contents: adv2-adv2
Would a Lady Have Done It? (Jackson, Fred): 1-22
The Youth Moralizes (Untermeyer, Louis): 23-24
Waste (Burr, Amelia Josephine): 24-24
Of Fire and Misty Dreams (Yates, Christabel Lowndes): 25-28
A Master of Men (Balmer, Edwin): 29-37
The November Number of Smart Set: 37-37
Law (Hagedorn, Hermann): 38-38
The Straw (Burhans, Viola): 39-43
To a Discarded Favorite (Webb, Winifred): 43-43
Rain Songs (Towne, Charles Hanson): 44-44
The Beautiful Face in the Rue D'Enfer (Le Gallienne, Richard): 45-51
Almost (Stinson, Sam S.): 52-52
The Baron's Carriage (Morrison, J. M.): 53-54
A Poet's Wife (Harris, May): 55-59
Violets (Nipgen, Alvin Probasco): 59-59
Song (Murphy, Ethel Allen): 60-60
Tangoled Proverbs (Lewis, Addison): 60-60
Hunt and Hide (Dix, Beulah Marie): 61-72
The Passing (McGrew, Donald Francis): 73-74
Upstairs (Sneddon, R. W.): 75-78
The Greater Fool (Abdullah, Achmed): 79-80
The Science of Four-Flushing (Hatteras, Owen): 81-85
Sky Battle (Kemp, Harry): 85-85
The Philosopher in the Street (Newbold, Richard R.): 85-85
Three Telegrams (Mangam, May): 86-86
The Incalculable Element (Gwynne, Cluny): 87-95
Mown Fields (Doughty, Leonard): 96-96
The White Stocking (Lawrence, D. H.): 97-108
The Little Inn at Dromehaire (Scollard, Clinton): 108-108
The Goddess Queen (Ghosh, Sarath Kumar): 109-115
Maximum and Minimum (Junkin, Charles Irvin): 116-116
On the Dog Watch (Lighton, William R.): 117-128
Two Incarnations (Scheffauer, Ethel Talbot): 129-130
A Married Man's Reflections (Hare, James E.): 130-130
Love and Letters (Carr, Catherine): 131-134
A Tabloid (Eckersley, Arthur): 135-142
Les 'Six Jours' De Barbagoulade (Nayral, Jacques): 143-144
A Protest for Vulgarity (Nathan, George Jean): 145-152
A Review of Reviewers (Mencken, H. L.): 153-160
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